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LIB100 Students work on exhibits

Each semester I’ve taught LIB100, I try to find a broad,general topic for the class to work from. I like a topic that will have sufficient research that each group can find lots of good material for their group exhibits. Spring 2010 led me to using “Global Warming and Climate Change” as this general topic. Wake Forest has opened an Office of Sustainability, announced a conference: “Taking It to the Next Level: Strategies for Adaptation across the Sustainability Curriculum,” and invited Pulitzer Prize winning author, Thomas Friedman, to speak on campus. This topic was very timely and I knew the students would buy into the topic. The class worked in groups of three to refine a narrow topic from the broad topic; select a title for their exhibit; design, produce and then install their exhibits in ZSR.
Along the way, each group learned to use the library resources. On the final class day, each group presented a short talk by their completed exhibit in Room 401. I’ve grown to really like the students working on exhibits in the Preservation Lab. You get to know them better and I feel like they engage in way they wouldn’t normally engage in a classroom setting. I invite you to stop by the 4th floor- Room 410 and see the latest crop of student exhibits.