This article is more than 5 years old.

As anyone who has used either of the older microfilm and microfiche readers or the newer film, fiche and card reader knows, neither of these devices really meets the needs of our users at the service level we like to offer. While attending a recent conference, Roz Tedford saw a demonstration of the Scan Pro 2000 film, fiche and card reader that makes it a snap to view, print and save any of these media. Dean Sutton agreed to have the company send us a machine to test with our various media so we could see for ourselves if this would be a viable solution for ZSR.

The equipment arrived last week and Tim Mitchell set up the station early this week. Roz immediately began testing various microfilm, microfiche and microcards with great success! Today Roz gave me an overview of the equipment and in a matter of minutes I was scanning and printing! We will be testing this equipment in the coming weeks. We plan to have the vendor come and demo the equipment in early March. If you would like to use to equipment, feel free to set up a time with me or catch me at the desk.