During February 2010

Here @ ZSR

Wake This Space: Mural Contest

Purpose: We are looking for creative student mural ideas to make the wall inside the ZSR East entry an appropriate welcome to ZSR. Details: Two winners will be chosen based on their ideas and sketches submitted with their entry application. Murals will be 4′ x 5′ and will be located on the wall directly inside... Continue reading “Wake This Space: Mural Contest”

Vufind RC2, Amazon EC2 Rocks(2)

Today Christina, JP, Erik, Carol C., Heather and Elise gathered to test the new Vufind RC2 on Amazon EC2 (go cloud!). The system performed admirably & included some nice new features that were not in RC1. For example, in RC2 you have the ability to let your facet limits persist across multiple searches. Searching was... Continue reading “Vufind RC2, Amazon EC2 Rocks(2)”

From the Suggestion Box: Chairs vs. Desks

There should be more desks rather than "reading" chairs. Like in the old microtext room there should only be maybe one area of the blue chairs for "reading." Replace the other area with one or two more desks. Thank you for this recommendation. You are right, unlike most other college students in America, Wake students... Continue reading “From the Suggestion Box: Chairs vs. Desks”

Testing a Potential New Microtext Reader for ZSR

As anyone who has used either of the older microfilm and microfiche readers or the newer film, fiche and card reader knows, neither of these devices really meets the needs of our users at the service level we like to offer. While attending a recent conference, Roz Tedford saw a demonstration of the Scan Pro... Continue reading “Testing a Potential New Microtext Reader for ZSR”

ZSR Library Faculty Adopt Open Access Policy

On February 1, 2010, the faculty of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Wake Forest University, unanimously adopted an open access policy to guide deposit of the author’s final version of scholarly works in the University’s institutional repository. The policy states: Recognizing that academic scholarship hinges upon the ability to access and utilize research output, the... Continue reading “ZSR Library Faculty Adopt Open Access Policy”