Purpose: We are looking for creative student mural ideas to make the wall inside the ZSR East entry an appropriate welcome to ZSR.

Details: Two winners will be chosen based on their ideas and sketches submitted with their entry application. Murals will be 4′ x 5′ and will be located on the wall directly inside the East entrance to ZSR (near Starbucks). The library will supply paint, brushes and other materials needed to complete the murals.

Eligibility: All current WFU Students (undergraduate OR graduate) are eligible. Entries can be from an individual or a group.

Timeline: Entries due by Friday March 26th. Winning entries chosen by April 12th. Students would have until Friday April 23rd to implement their ideas.

Decision: Winners will be chosen by online vote and a panel of judges selected by the ZSR Library.

Implementation: The student or student group will be expected to submit a sketch and implement their ideas. ZSR Library will supply paint and/or other materials necessary for the implementation.

Fine Print: ZSR reserves the right to use images of the mural in publicity photos and the like with no further compensation to the artists. ZSR will credit the artists in all publicity. The artists are free to reproduce their work at any time. ZSR reserves the right to paint over the mural after a reasonable period of time. Per WFU Facilities guidelines, latex paint will be used for any painting project.

Questions? Email Carol Cramer.