Tuesday evening I went to the START Gallery in Reynolda Village. The gallery was hosting an opening reception for the “I See” exhibit, which runs through November 27th. If you’re not familiar with START, it provides an avenue for WFU students to display their art in a professional setting close to campus. The “I See” exhibit showcases student-produced video art from Professor John Pickel’s class. I jumped at the chance to learn more about innovative video projects happening on campus.

If you have time before the 27th, I recommend going to check it out. When you walk through the gallery’s doors, you feel immersed, but not overwhelmed. The pieces are personal. And it is immediately evident that the way in which the video art is displayed is as important as the actual video itself.

Experience “I See” for yourself:

Special thanks to Marcus Keely, START Gallery Fellow, and sophomore Lauren Martinez, video artist, for talking with me.