During November 2010

Here @ ZSR

Two New Murals at ZSR!

Some of you may recall that In the Spring of 2010 the Library had a contest to select two murals for the East Entrance. This Fall we took a different approach and teamed up with professor Alix Hitchcock to have some of her students do murals in the East Entrance to ZSR as part of... Continue reading “Two New Murals at ZSR!”

Wake Forest History on Film

The new Documentary Film program at WFU has proved to be a natural match for our archival collections. Students from Dr. Cara Pilson’s graduate research seminar and first year seminar have frequented Special Collections for instruction and research this semester. The FYS: History Through the Lens of Documentary Film students, pictured above, are working on... Continue reading “Wake Forest History on Film”

High Bay Forklift training

On Tuesday, November 23, Scott Adair, Travis Manning, Ellen Makaravage and Mary Beth Lock attended onsite training to be certified in using the forklift in our Off Site Storage facility. The morning included classroom instruction where we learned about safety procedures and maintenance schedules, then was followed by a hands-on training on the forklift itself.... Continue reading “High Bay Forklift training”

Food for Fines, Fall 2010

Got fines and a desire to help the hungry in our community? The Z. Smith Reynolds Library will accept non-expired, unopened canned goods as payment for overdue fines. For each can of food donated, $1 will be waived from your library fines. (No maximum.) Only canned goods will be accepted. The program will run from... Continue reading “Food for Fines, Fall 2010”

Video Art in START Gallery

Tuesday evening I went to the START Gallery in Reynolda Village. The gallery was hosting an opening reception for the “I See” exhibit, which runs through November 27th. If you’re not familiar with START, it provides an avenue for WFU students to display their art in a professional setting close to campus. The “I See”... Continue reading “Video Art in START Gallery”

Bringing speakers to ZSR through WebEx

Over the last few months the University has been testing WebEx, a real-time collaboration tool that includes video, audio, desktop, and application sharing. I have used WebEx a few times in my Information literacy course this semester already and found generally positive student reception to it. They indicated that while WebEx had a bit of... Continue reading “Bringing speakers to ZSR through WebEx”

Ammons Poetry

This second A.R. Ammons exhibit only contains his poetry. The words speak volumes about his life and concerns. Ammons’ poetry is very accessible and so for this exhibit-which is in the room where 20 of his paintings now live-I decided to let Archie’s words do the talking. Continue reading “Ammons Poetry”

ZSR Special Collections Makes Over 200 Audio Recordings of Ammons Reading His Poetry Available Online

Over 200 audio files of A.R. Ammons reading his poetry are now available in ZSR;s newest digital collection, the A. R. Ammons Audio Collection (http://wakespace.lib.wfu.edu/jspui/handle/10339/30030). The first and longest set of readings were performed in 1975 and professionally recorded under the auspices of Thomas F. Gossett, former professor of English at Wake Forest University, and... Continue reading “ZSR Special Collections Makes Over 200 Audio Recordings of Ammons Reading His Poetry Available Online”

From the Suggestion Box: Film Recommendation

The film recommendation link is down…I would like to request the film "Bruno" for the catalog. Consider it recommended. Thank you. Continue reading “From the Suggestion Box: Film Recommendation”

From the Suggestion Box: Geology Books

Dear ZSR, Several students and I needed some general books on geology and found that the latest text you have predates the confirmation of the theory of plate tectonics. Can we get some updated geological material? I’d be happy to suggest titles. Many thanks! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. You may expect... Continue reading “From the Suggestion Box: Geology Books”