During November 2010

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Hosting the NCLA Archivists’ Toolkit Workshop

*Note: most of this post is duplicated at the ZSR Professional Development blog. From 10 am this morning until 3 pm this afternoon, Z. Smith Reynolds Library was inhabited by 50 excited archivists and librarians (from across the state and as far away as Texas) to learn about Archivists’ Toolkit. The workshop, sponsored by the... Continue reading “Hosting the NCLA Archivists’ Toolkit Workshop”

Freshman-Sophomore Smoker

According to the May 7, 1927 Old Gold and Black, available in DSpace, the incoming Freshman class of 1927 was the largest class to date, with 118 men. They expected respect. What they got was the traditional treatment by the upperclassmen, including hazing and freshman rules. The “Freshman-Sophomore Smoker” was a men’s meeting group where... Continue reading “Freshman-Sophomore Smoker”

ZSR Library Through Flickr

Did you know that ZSR Library has had a Flickr account for almost 4 years now? We have uploaded over 3,600 images, organized them into 160 sets and 21 collections! We have hundreds of tags to help find specific images (see the top 150 tags below) and our images have been viewed over 107,850 times.... Continue reading “ZSR Library Through Flickr”

Gertrude Hoffman Theater Posters – the totality

I have gone through every folded poster in the Hoffman collection. There are numerous duplicates, but many really nice surprises. The majority of the posters were from engagements in France by “The Hoffman Girls.” Almost none of the posters have a year (with the exception of one 1911 and one 1934). These posters range in... Continue reading “Gertrude Hoffman Theater Posters – the totality”

Finding ways to combine cloud computing and open source software

A few days ago Omeka, an open source digital content publishing system, introduced a cloud-based hosting solution for users. The solution features a tiered service level (from Free to $999 per year) and provides users with a point and click solution for launching digital collections. This model has been used by other organizations such as... Continue reading “Finding ways to combine cloud computing and open source software”

Environmental Racism and Justice Exhibit

A discussion of environmental racism will be held on November 11th and moderated by Provost Jill Tiefenthaler. Two prominent speakers join the Wake Forest campus community to discuss environmental injustice and its effects on community well-being in the United States and abroad. Dr. Julianne Malveuax, president of Bennett College for Women, and Simran Sethi, associate... Continue reading “Environmental Racism and Justice Exhibit”

Who Is Ruth Pritchard, B.A.?

I have made a very interesting discovery while accessioning the 1937 Howler “markup” from Charlotte Engraving Company, Charlotte, NC. Perusing the hairstyles and facial expressions of the male graduates of the senior class of 1937, I came across the angelic face of a young woman, Ruth Pritchard of Wake Forest, North Carolina. According to the... Continue reading “Who Is Ruth Pritchard, B.A.?”