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Cults Exhibit explanation poster

This fall, I worked with Dr. Lynn Neal again in her class on Sects and Cults (Religion 266). We did this two years ago, and had a few minor complaints. This year, we met as a group and discussed what happened before and the entire class conscientiously attempted to be less provocative in terms of text and imagery. The discussion before any exhibits were actually designed really helped set the scene for a sensitive working attitude by all the students. This helped identify potential problems before they occurred.
Wicca Exhibit

In the class, I discussed the elements of a good exhibit and showed examples to the class. I also gave them handouts with tips, techniques and a sample exhibit layout.
Mormonism Exhibit

The class came to the Preservation lab in groups and began work. I talked with each group about their ideas and design. I also helped with supplies, advice and moral support.
Raelism Exhibit #1

The exhibits came out very well and incorporated all the elements of a good exhibit. I think Dr. Neal was pleased and was I.
Raelism Exhibit #1