During October 2011

WFU Summer Technology Exploration Grants 2011

This year I had the pleasure of working on a Summer Technology Exploration Grant with Professor Page Laughlin. We explored the use of the iPad2 as a tool for teaching painting. We looked at various software applications and styli (or styluses) for painting and explored how the iPad2 could be successfully incorporated into a painting... more

From the Suggestion Box: 7th floor is a quiet floor

some people do not realize that the 7th floor is a quiet floor. please put up signs We did put up signs last week on the 7th floor, in response to a user request. We will take another look. more

Learning Styles

This week we addressed Learning Styles. It’s a topic that I’ve grown more fond of over time. The major controversy amongst folks in higher ed is “should you adapt your teaching to learning styles?” Some research suggests it doesn’t make a big difference. Some suggests it really does. Some faculty will point out that once... more

Max and Gertrude Hoffmann Music Manuscript Collection now online

The Max and Gertrude Hoffmann Music Manuscript Collection is finally complete and available for use. With 170 titles represented in various levels of completion, we anticipate this collection to be a delight to musicians, composers, and anyone interested in vaudeville orchestration. These music manuscripts are only a portion of the larger Max and Gertrude Hoffmann... more

Religion 266- Sects and Cults Exhibits

This fall, I worked with Dr. Lynn Neal again in her class on Sects and Cults (Religion 266). We did this two years ago, and had a few minor complaints. This year, we met as a group and discussed what happened before and the entire class conscientiously attempted to be less provocative in terms of... more

From the Suggestion Box: The Man on the Fourth Floor

The man on the fourth floor (was not able to get his name unfortunately) was absolutely phenomenal and went above and beyond in helping me print my 28 page handout when I only had payment in change. Thanks again! Thanks for the feedback. We love that man on the fourth floor! more

From the Suggestion Box: Quiet Study

Can you put up signs on the 7th floor saying that it is a quiet study area? There were a couple last year, but now there aren't, and people have been very disruptive. We will do so right away. Thanks for letting us know. more

New Documentary Film Student Premieres

This afternoon I had the joy of viewing a few of the Documentary Film Program’s first year students’ works. Cindy Hill, Associate Director of the DFP, welcomed her students, then thanked the library for the auditorium. After each film, the faculty critiqued each piece. Among the faculty was Peter Gilbert, award-winning producer, director and cinematographer,... more

Every Week is Archives Week!

The Society of American Archivists states: “October is American Archives Month-an opportunity to raise awareness about the value of archives and archivists. There is strength in numbers, and our collective voice can be more powerful than individual voices when we set aside time each year to celebrate our collections.” In an effort to localize and... more

Exploring the Humanities Online: Digital Collections at ZSR for Research and Teaching

On Wednesday, Oct. 26 from 4-5PM in the Library Auditorium (Room 404), ZSR Library will host a session, sponsored by the WFU Humanities Institute, on accessing and utilizing our digital collections. Come learn about some important digital resources already available right here at Wake Forest. more