This is my 3rd installment in a series of updates about sustainable activities on campus and in town.

Forsyth Futures ( is a non-profit organization that gathers community indicators to monitor the county’s position and progress on initiatives.On May 24th, Forsyth Futures held a two-hour meeting called “Thinking for the Future: Sustainability Initiatives in Forsyth County” at which it called together representatives of organizations which are pursuing green initiatives. These included government agencies; architectural firms; non-profits and others. At this first-ever assembly, approximately 50 people attended; they were broken up into 5 tables by topic, such as sustainable food, built environment, clean air, and others. I was asked to volunteer as a scribe and capture the discussion at one of these tables.

After opening remarks, each person at my table introduced herself to her table-mates and in two minutes, described the mission and activities of her organization. It was so exciting to hear all the different projects underway in the county. Next, the group examined a set of indicators that Forsyth Futures is using to monitor each table’s area (mine was green space and the built environment) and generated a list of new indicators to be added to this list. The purpose is to document where we are and to follow the trend line to see in which direction we’re moving. Lastly, we discussed next steps, or what the group wants to happen with the larger group assembled at the meeting. Forsyth Futures is involved in revising the Legacy Planning Guide, a county-wide development plan. Despite being one of the smallest counties in the state, we have one of the highest populations and demographers predict further growth. The Legacy guide helps prepare for and shape that growth. You can read more about it at

The energy in the room was palpable and I hope Forsyth Futures will continue to arrange similar meetings at regular intervals so these numerous advocates will be aware of each others’ projects to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.