During December 2012

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Ethiopian Psalter, 18th or 19th Century

Ethiopia, the oldest independent nation in Africa, has a unique Christian tradition dating back to the 4th century. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church developed largely in isolation after the Islamic conquest of Egypt in the 640’s. But Christianity remained the official state religion for many centuries, and the Ethiopian imperial family claimed to be descended directly... Continue reading “Ethiopian Psalter, 18th or 19th Century”

Preserving Diderot’s “Tree of Knowledge”

I recently began work on repairing an important book in our special collections, and thought I’d share the process of preservation.  The book is loaded down with a long French title, but is known as Diderot’s “Tree of Knowledge.”  The “Tree of Knowledge” was an attempt to represent the structure of knowledge graphically and was... Continue reading “Preserving Diderot’s “Tree of Knowledge””

Cans for Fines, Fall 2012

Got fines and a desire to help the hungry in our community? The Z. Smith Reynolds Library will accept non-expired, unopened canned goods as payment for overdue fines. For each can of food donated, $1 will be waived from your library fines. (No maximum.) Only canned goods will be accepted. The program will run from... Continue reading “Cans for Fines, Fall 2012”