Since August of 2010, the ZSR Library has hosted a game of Capture the Flag on the first Friday of the fall semester. While geared toward introducing freshmen to the Library, this event is open to all! This year we had 200 students attend, up from 150 in 2011. Each semester we work to improve the event. This year we were fortunate enough to get funds from the WFU Student Activities Fee that allowed us to serve pizza and soda for 200 before the event and get new black and goldbandannasfor the teams!

I have to give a big shout out to the volunteers this year. Susan Smith and Mary Beth Lock (and family!) managed the entrance desk and circulation desk where 200 people dropped off keys, wallets and bags in a 10 minute period! (We’ve learned to have plenty of brown paper bags to secure everyone’s loose items at these events.) Chris Burris also volunteered, helping keep order and shovel empty pizza boxes out of the building. It really takes five volunteers to run this event, but we can do it with four, and we always make it fun! We also had some members of ZSR drop by for the event! Kyle Denlinger brought his family by and Roz Tedford and Patrick Morton came by to experience the chaos and fun first hand.

In two hours and 15 minutes we played three games of “Capture the Flag.” Two long games, one with each team having one flag, and one with each team having a standard flag and a human flag, and finally, to wrap up the evening, we played one super short, fast, game with no tagging!

For the Spring semester, we will publish detailed rules online in advance, to help novice players prepare for the event, and we have some great ideas for making it even more fun! Next up, Humans v. Zombies on Friday, October 26th from 9-11pm! Bring your Nerf Shooter or dress like a zombie!