Due to the federal government shutdown, many online resources administered by federal agencies are either unavailable or not being updated. This post relays information compiled by the Cofrin Library at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay.

The following resources are unavailable:

You can search “archived” versions of some government websites by using the Archive.org “Wayback Machine.” More information is provided in a post on the Internet Archive Blogs titled Blacked Out Government Websites Available Through Wayback Machine.

The following resources are not being updated:

In addition, the Department of Defense website is available, with limited updates. The Department of State website is available and appears to be updated as of this writing. The Department of the Treasury website is available and portions of its website will continue to be updated.

Legislative information websites will continue to be updated and accessible. These include:

For more information on the status of government services, please consult:

Many thanks to Cofrin Library at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay for compiling much of this information, as well as to the Portland State University Library for additional information.