Librarians at the ZSR Library use a software program called CORAL to manage our collection of online research databases. Details like access permissions, vendor contact information, and license terms are stored in CORAL.

Today, two ZSR librarians finished a project that allowed CORAL to take on a new function. The library’s Find a Database web page now gets its information directly from CORAL. Previously, the information behind Find a Database had to be entered manually in an XML file on the library’s servers, and only a few people had the ability to make changes. Now, changes made in CORAL are automatically pushed out to Find a Database.

One result of this change is a more efficient workflow, since database updates no longer have to be entered in two places. Another result is that more librarians now have the ability to make changes to Find a Database, rather than relying on one or two people with access to specific files. This is just one example of some of the behind-the-scenes work that goes on at the library to improve your access to information.