Wake Will Campaign

Just to put the interesting facts out there first:

(1) I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. (Now to answer general questions you might have that comes with knowing that fact):

  • No, I have never had a pet moose. No it is not dark all day during the winter. No, I do not know how to speak the language of Eskimos. No… I did not know Sarah Palin was in Alaska while I lived there.

(2) YES, I do come from a military family. Both of my parents were in the army for the first couple years of my life. Thus, I have had the wonderful opportunity to live in extravagant yet random places (such as Okinawa, Japan).

(3) I play piano for the university. It was my work-study job in addition to working at the library. I have been playing the piano since I was 6 years old and did not decide to learn how to read music until my sophomore year of college.

Background and Future expectations for myself:

(1) I double majored in Philosophy and Sociology here at Wake Forest.

(2) My short-term goals involve going to law school next year.

(3) My long-term goals are to either open the first law school in Alaska or a non-profit organization that assist a diverse group of students who are attempting to get into school or opening a non-profit that provides financial assistance to individuals in need similar to Crisis Control Ministry in downtown Winston-Salem.

Participating in an advocacy program for children in Sydney, Australia

Why did I want to be a fellow? Particularly the Library Fellow?

(1) I wanted to be a fellow because I wanted to take a year off before going to law school to reaffirm my interest towards going to law school. In addition, being a fellow at Wake Forest provides me the opportunity to stay in an academic environment to keep me motivated about going to school.

(2) Okay lets be real – the library is actually an awesome place. I can easily say I have the best fellow position among the others.

  • There are so many different personalities here, everyone is nice (don’t try to think of exceptions lol), and everyone has been extremely approachable in all of my time here. All of this makes my goal towards enhancing my general communication and professional skills very likely.

Feel free to meet with me just to chat, I love to talk and get to know people – it’s honestly my thing.