During June 2015

Here @ ZSR

ZSR 101: An Introduction to the Z. Smith Reynolds Library at Wake Forest University

Recently, the Professional Development Center at WFU asked the ZSR Library to lead a “ZSR 101” workshop for staff as part of the CORE program. We love to talk about ZSR and the great services we offer, so we jumped at the chance! For this first session, four members of ZSR collaborated on the outline, and... more

The Details Behind the Design: Taking a Closer Look at the Form and Function of the New Atrium

It’s been a week since the arrival of our new Atrium furniture and while we’ve shared pictures of the new design, we realize that many of the details and new features behind the redesign are less visible. So, we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some of these new features and the added benefits... more

ZSR Painting Exhibition

The summer has begun and with the warmer weather comes a series of art exhibitions from Asolare Art Foundation. Asolare has been helping developing artists since 1997 and has held exhibits of their work from ZSR Library to Lincoln Center. The first exhibition is composed of six paintings by painter and portrait artist Gilbert Everard... more

Wake Forest Students Delve into Book History

Teaching ZSR’s History of the Book (LIB260) class is always more fun–and more work– than I anticipate.  The undergraduate elective class gives students the opportunity to interact with 800 years’ worth of texts from the Rare Books Collection, and it draws participants from a wide variety of disciplines. The spring 2015 class included majors from... more

Elsevier’s new (anti-)sharing policy

In late April, Elsevier announced a change in its policy regarding author deposits of articles. In what Elsevier claims is a change to facilitate better understanding of its sharing policies, the previous policy—enacted in 2012—that differentiated between institutions that do have open access policies versus those that do not has been streamlined, and the new... more