It’s been a week since the arrival of our new Atrium furniture and while we’ve shared pictures of the new design, we realize that many of the details and new features behind the redesign are less visible. So, we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some of these new features and the added benefits that this new design offers our beloved Atrium space.

  • The new furniture has allowed us to increase the seating capacity from 64 to 103 (including 7 booths). That’s a 62% increase to the previous seating capacity of the Atrium!
  • We increased access to electricity by adding some new electrical outlets, combined with built-in electrical receptacles that are a feature of the new Atrium furniture. The Atrium now has a total of 167 electrical receptacles in addition to 56 brand new USB device chargers. In the booths, the electrical outlets are found on the front of the seat cushion, so make sure to check below your seat to see where the nearest electrical source is located.
  • Every single table in the Atrium was redeployed to other areas of the ZSR Library, to increase seating in other study spaces (such as the 4th floors of the Reynolds and Wilson wings). Many of these tables were placed along walls with available electrical outlets.
  • The new Atrium furniture allows for a greater variety and customization of study space! Large booths and group tables provide sufficient space for collaborative study and group work, while a variety of smaller tables and banquets meet the needs for individual study. The larger tables are mounted on wheels and can be moved and reconfigured to fit available space in the Atrium.

We hope this provides some useful information about the new Atrium redesign, and gives you further incentive to stop by and check it out! As always, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive library space that enriches the intellectual and cultural lives of our community.