ZSR recently published a new privacy policy. Libraries have always been serious about safeguarding the privacy of their users, with the American Library Association stating all the way back in 1939, “It is the librarian’s obligation to treat as confidential any private information obtained through contact with library patrons.”

In the 1930s, that “contact with library patrons” primarily meant the list of books you checked out. Today, it includes your use of library computers and your use of your own computers or mobile devices on wireless networks at the library. It includes the words and phrases you search for in the catalog and other databases, the articles and e-books you read online and information in chat sessions, texts and email you send to the library. Of course, it also still includes the books you check out.

ZSR proudly commits to protecting your privacy, and hopefully the new policy helps explain that commitment in clear language. When you use the library, it is nobody’s business but your own what you read or research.

Originally published August 13, 2015 at 4:56pm