Sophie Built These Donut Walls, Then Stocked Them!
Donut wall built by ZSR Fellow, Sophie Leveque

On Friday, February 10th, from 7:30 pm to 10 pm, the library witnessed a congregation of book-lovers, artists, and cravers alike at Find Your Nerd Herd !

Imagine: a table filled with buttons of various fandoms, ideologies, and deacons, allowed students to add a little customization to their backpacks. Stamps, stationery cards, and envelopes allowed students to make their own letters to send to friends and family. For even the hungriest of nerds, the a giant wall of Krispy Kreme Donuts seemed to do the trick (and gluten free donuts provided by the Mulder Family were much appreciated!). Finally, at the very end of the Atrium boardgames by the dozen, with Cards Against Humanity, Hoopla, and Trivial Pursuit being the most popular.

As a participant, I enjoyed myself with friends and fellow library ambassadors! I created several buttons to decorate my dorm room, wrote in a few stationary cards, and played a few games of Hoopla with friends (new and old alike). My evening concluded with a massive game of Cards Against Humanity with all of the other guests; it was a laugh-fest to say the least.

Several participants were given a survey of the event at the conclusion of Nerd Herd. From those surveys, I was able to discover some more information about the participants along with their opinions about the event. The majority of the participants were freshmen but the event did host participants from all four years. Many hopes the library would hold more social events like Nerd Herd throughout the year. Some of the participants have had a change of heart as far as their opinions of the library and how comfortable they are visiting the library. All of the surveys stated participants had a positive experience at the event!

Although the number of participants was less than last semester’s event, the 26 people who came, stayed the duration of the event. This event was a great success in entertaining those looking for a little relaxation after a busy week.

Unlike a lot of events on campus, Nerd Herd was a low key event that catered to those looking for a time to unwind. It allowed students to enjoy a fun experience at a slower tempo than a party.

Button Patterns
Students choosing buttons to make!

Board Games
Games for days

Game Table
Everyone playing Cards Against Humanity at the end of the night!