This article is more than 5 years old.

On Tuesday, February 14th, the ZSR Library hosted our second “Blind Date with a Book” Event! Our first event was part of the “Arive and THRIVE” event in September. At these events we give away wrapped books with a brief description written on the wrapping (but no title!) Participants read the description, select a book, and take it home to unwrap and read! The ZSR Librarians pick up free copies of books at conferences and donate books of their own to stock these events. The ZSR Ambassadors wrap the books and write the descriptions, and the ZSR Fellow and Outreach Librarian distribute the books!

For the Valentine’s Day event, we gave away 60 books in 90 minutes, along with candy and cool buttons, courtesy of our ZSR button-maker, Special Collections and our ZSR Fellow! The event was a great success, and a good time was had by all. We plan to do BDWaB again in September at the “Arrive and THRIVE” event and in February on Valentine’s Day.