ZSR Library will be hosting the first DH@Wake Summer Institute, May 14-18, 2018. We are excited to announce the first DH@Wake cohort, as well as the events and instruction planned for the week!

Faculty Cohort

  • Alessandra Von Burg, Communication
  • Molly Knight, German and Russian
  • T.H.M. Gellar-Goad, Classical Languages
  • Mary Good, Anthropology
  • Carmen Perez-Munoz, Spanish and Italian
  • Teresa Sanhueza, Spanish and Italian
  • Silvia Tiboni-Craft, Spanish and Italian
  • Jumana Al-Ahmad, Middle East Program and WGS
  • Lisa Blee, History
  • Claudia Francom, Spanish and Italian
  • Jerid Francom, Spanish and Italian
  • Meredith Farmer, English


Day One
Introductions from ZSR’s Digital Initiatives Team
A Survey of Digital Tools and Methods
Digital Did You Know? A flash talk panel of ZSR Library’s resources for digital scholarship
Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons with Molly Keener, Director of Digital Scholarship and Scholarly Communications Librarian, ZSR Library
How Did They Make That? A Workshop to Reverse-Engineer DH Projects
Day Two
Introduction to QGIS with Mark Thomas, GIS & Map Librarian, Duke University
Day Three
Technology Tools and Resources for the Classroom with Hannah Inzko, Director of Academic Technology, Wake Forest University
Data Mining and Text Analysis with HathiTrust Research Tools with Heather Barnes, Digital Curation Librarian; Carrie Johnston, Digital Humanities Research Designer; Kathy Shields, Research & Instruction Librarian–History and Social Sciences; Kelsey Urgo, Developer for Digital Scholarship
Day Four
Multimedia Exhibit Building with Omeka with Megan Brett, George Mason University
Day Five
Out-of-the-box tools for DH
Conclusions, Customizations, and Future Collaborations