On Friday, August 31st, the ZSR Library did something completely different as part of New Deac Week!

First, we hosted an all-new open house event, featuring mini-golf in the Library, called the ZSR Open, and then we followed up that event with pizza in our all-night study room and two games of “OUTBREAK!” our update of our long-running “Humans V Zombies” events (No NERF Blasters required!)

You can see photos of both these events on our Flickr site:

Neither of these events would have been possible without a sea of volunteers who gave of their time and energy during an incredibly busy time in the semester! Many thanks to ZSR staff Meghan Webb, Lauren Corbett, Mika Payden Travers, Jake Gellar-Goad, Rosalind Tedford, Brandon Britt, Barry Davis, Joy Gambill, Ashelee¬†Gerald, Tanya Zanish-Belcher, Rebecca May, Mary Beth Lock, Tim Mitchell, David Link, Mary Reeves, John Noble, Ryan Shirey, and Jon Moore. and ZSR Ambassador Lindsay Moran and others I may have missed for working these events. And special thanks to the ZSR Library’s Associate Dean, Susan Smith, and Dean, Tim Pyatt, for funding these two events! Look for them both again in the Spring semester! (Just not on the same day next time!)