During June 2019

Here @ ZSR

Why We’re Dropping Google Analytics

Like most libraries, ZSR strongly believes in protecting the privacy of the scholars and researchers who use our collections and services. Our privacy policy puts it this way: “When you use our library, it is nobody’s business but your own what you read or research.” Our commitment to user privacy is backed up by the... Continue reading “Why We’re Dropping Google Analytics”

A Week of Reclaim Hosting

Two days in Durham followed by two days at Wake Forest learning what’s possible with self-service web hosting in higher ed. Truly inspiring! This fall, Wake Forest will officially roll out Reclaim Hosting, which we’re branding as Wake Sites. The service provides campus-wide web hosting for all students, faculty, and staff. To prepare for the... Continue reading “A Week of Reclaim Hosting”

2019 ZSR Employee Awards

On Thursday, May 23 the staff and faculty of the ZSR Library gathered in the Magnolia Room in Reynolda Hall for an Employee Recognition Luncheon to reflect on the previous year’s accomplishments and highlight some outstanding employees. We also honored ZSR employees who are celebrating significant milestones.  Awards were presented by Tim Pyatt, Dean of... Continue reading “2019 ZSR Employee Awards”

Newly Processed and Recently Updated Collections, Spring 2019

Summer greetings! We’ve been working away at collections all semester, per usual, but this summer, Special Collections and Archives has had an exciting (to us) change: we’ve upgraded the software that we use to track and describe our materials, from the once-popular Archivists’ Toolkit software to the newer, more fully supported ArchivesSpace program. For now,... Continue reading “Newly Processed and Recently Updated Collections, Spring 2019”