During November 2019

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George Eliot at 200

On this day 200 years ago the third child of an estate manager was born in rural Warwickshire, England and christened Mary Anne Evans. We know her better as George Eliot, the nom de plume she adopted when she began to publish works of fiction in her late 30s. As George Eliot, she changed the... Continue reading “George Eliot at 200”

Finals Are Coming. Share Your Words of Encouragement!

Exam week is a high stress time for students. Help motivate our students and ease their anxieties by sharing your favorite quotes and/or words of encouragement! Your words of encouragement will be included in ZSR Library’s Exam Week Survival Kits (to be distributed on the last day of class). Thank you for supporting our students!... Continue reading “Finals Are Coming. Share Your Words of Encouragement!”

World Digital Preservation Day 2019

November 7th is World Digital Preservation Day, an annual event held on the first Thursday of November. WDPD highlights the challenges and opportunities posed by the ever-increasing quantity of digital media. This year’s theme is “At-Risk Digital Materials” and you can follow the cherished annual tradition (since, well, 2017) on Twitter (#WDPD19) and lots of... Continue reading “World Digital Preservation Day 2019”

Some Resources for Researching the Enslaved: A New ASERL Exhibit, Databases, and More

The Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL) has just announced a new digital exhibit created and curated by the ASERL Special Collections Interest Group. This collaborative online exhibit recognizes the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first Africans sold into bondage in the English Colonies and includes paper documents and records as well as... Continue reading “Some Resources for Researching the Enslaved: A New ASERL Exhibit, Databases, and More”

Christian Burris: WFU Exempt Employee of the Year 2019

This month, Wake Forest University celebrated an annual luncheon to recognize faculty and staff milestones which end with an award for Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees of the Year. 25 Year ZSR Library employee Christian Burris was celebrated for his service and was surprised with the Exempt Employee of the Year award. The nomination was put... Continue reading “Christian Burris: WFU Exempt Employee of the Year 2019”