ZSR Library will be hosting its second annual DH@Wake Summer Institute next week, May 13-17. The Digital Initiatives &  Scholarly Communication team is excited to announce our 2019 cohort and to share the week’s schedule.

Faculty Cohort

  • Rian Bowie, English
  • Benjamin Coates, History
  • Rowena Kirby-Straker, Communication
  • Amy Lather, Classics
  • A. Z. Obiedat, Middle East & South Asian Studies Program
  • John Oksanish, Classics
  • John Petrocelli, Psychology
  • Jessica Richard, English
  • Jon Smart, English


Day One

Introduction to Text Analysis

Creating (Meta)Data

Tidying Data

Day Two

Organizing Structured Data with OpenRefine

Data Visualization with Flourish

Introduction to Getting and Scraping Data

Command Line Bootcamp

Day Three

Refining Unstructured Text with RegEx

Text Analysis with Voyant

Topic Modeling

Day Four


Day Five

Participant presentations

Summer Institute conclusions