ZSR Library is proud to announce the second annual DH@Wake Summer Institute, “Textual Data in Digital Humanities Scholarship,” May 13-17, 2019. We invite applications from Wake Forest faculty who are interested in developing a project that uses digital methods for text-based scholarship. This hands-on workshop will teach digital tools and methods for curating and visualizing textual data, and participants will receive guidance in applying these methods to their own research projects or to a digital research assignment they are developing. The DH@Wake Summer Institute will be hosted by ZSR Library’s Digital Initiatives & Scholarly Communication team. Participants will receive a $500 stipend for attending.

Building on the success of the DH@Wake 2018 Summer Institute, the Digital Initiatives Team looks forward to another week of exploring scholarly applications of digital tools for humanities research.

Read more about the upcoming DH@Wake Summer Institute in the Call for Participation. Submit proposals by April 28 via the application form (bit.ly/DHWake2019). Please contact Carrie Johnston, Digital Humanities Research Designer, at johnstc@wfu.edu with any questions.