The ZSR Ambassadors are the library’s student advocacy group, supporting ZSR through programmatic assistance and candid feedback. Since the inception of this program in 2012, our Ambassadors have offered a student voice for outreach, service, and facility considerations, and the group is frequently consulted by library administration for their perspective and counsel. In recent years, our library Ambassadors have worked to develop and implement library programs, student feedback channels, and design proposals for library spaces.

Every spring semester, we hold Ambassador recruitment and welcome a new cohort of ZSR Ambassadors in the fall. Recently, we asked our 2019-2020 Ambassadors :

“What should new students know about ZSR?”

There’s a space that works for everyone in the library, no matter how you study! You can find an isolated spot to focus, or you can grab a whiteboard and write all over, or you can sit by Starbucks and smell the delicious coffee while seeing all your friends! I love constantly finding new places in ZSR because I love the variety and flexibility it gives me to get my work done but also relax.
– Kendall John

I think all new students should know that the ZSR is not just a place to do homework. We have so many other resources in the library including the bridge, the writing center, the research librarians, and the one button studio. Everyone should go explore the ZSR at some point! – Ally Ponte

For new students, it is better to know that there is a room called ZSR Library Auditorium (room 404), in which scholars from all over the world would come and give lectures to students. These lectures cover different fields and are easy to be understood. So if newcomers find it hard to decide their major, then listen to these lectures might be a good starting point for them to discover their real interests. – Julie Sun

I think new students should know about the recliners in the Ziesta room that are great for napping during long nights! – Jonathan Trattner

My favorite thing about ZSR has to be the people! Everyone is super nice and very willing to help. I have met some of my favorite people on campus through the library. Something new students should know about ZSR is just how many resources there are available! There are TONS of great academic resources, such as research librarians, Zotero workshops, citation help, but there are also non-academic things, like a movie room and fun events (Outbreak, Wake the Library). – Lindsay Moran

One thing new students should know about ZSR is that there are research librarians available that can help you find, evaluate, and obtain materials for the different kinds of academic projects you may encounter here at Wake. You can use the subject or course-specific research guides developed by these librarians to figure out where to start or you can schedule an appointment with a specific research librarian to meet in person. – Suprene Mohamedzein

ZSR has books! I think everybody knows this but I think lots of students (myself included, at one time) disregard hard copy sources when it comes to writing papers or working on projects. I’ve found lots of great resources for projects (from historic analyzes for an English class to technical math textbooks for a specialized project) just by spending 5 minutes and checking on the catalog. – Dylan King

New students should know that ZSR is full of resources — from the Writing Center, to study rooms, research librarians, media room, and much more. It’s also easily accessible online if you can’t stop by the building! – Maya Dalton

I believe that new students should know that ZSR is more than just a library. It is an ecosystem of curiosity. It is where you go to learn with yourself, for yourself and about yourself. – Victoria Iyonmana Oduwa

Get to know our 2019-2020 ZSR Ambassadors and learn more about what the library can offer!