ZSR Ambassadors

ZSR Ambassadors is a one-year student leadership opportunity that allows a group of students to make a lasting impact on campus. What do ZSR Ambassadors do?

2018-2019 Ambassadors

We asked our Ambassadors, why do you love ZSR and what class at WFU have you most enjoyed so far?

  • Nathan Allen

    Nathan Allen

    My favorite thing about ZSR is the balcony on the fourth floor. I like being able to just pop outside and read when I am stressed out. I am also a fan of that tree near the balcony door. During my first finals I was stressed out and I made origami ornaments for that tree and I am pretty sure they are still there — so it’s like a part of my history in the library. My favorite thing at Wake Forest has been creating my own major. I designed a major in Environmental Engagement Studies to pursue my passion of environmentalism and the connection between humans and nature.

  • Nuala Conway-Pearson

    Nuala Conway-Pearson

    Since coming to Wake, I have really enjoyed getting to know downtown Winston, and exploring all the food and little local shops around the city. When I’m at home, in Boston, I really enjoy going to our many museums, as well as learning more about my city’s incredibly rich history.

  • Megan Gast

    Megan Gast

    I love ZSR because it is were I can study, do homework, and find help whenever I need it! My favorite ZSR experience is Humans vs. Zombies.

  • Layla Ghiai

    Layla Ghiai

    Social Media/Operations 2017-2019

    My favorite thing about the ZSR is that it’s a whole lot bigger on the inside than on the outside so it’s a pleasant surprise when you walk through the ZSR’s doors. My favorite class at Wake has to be Writing 210: Academic Research and Writing because we learn about techniques of technical writing through investigating pieces revolving around time, a complex concept that I’ve never read about in so much depth before.

  • Shosi Hansen

    Shosi Hansen

    ZSR is the place I go to get work done. I am wholly unproductive anywhere else. Maybe it’s being surrounded by so many books that spurs the productivity in me but the library is the easiest place to focus. I can get any type of book or resource there, whether for school or just for me. And I can feel the camaraderie as I’m cranking out my last minute assignments that I am not alone in my pursuit of knowledge. My favorite Wake memory so far has been Pitsgiving because I love food and I got to eat my bodyweight in food with some of my best friends.

  • Jenny Hua

    Jenny Hua

    I love the ZSR because it is like my second home! It is the place where I can get my work done, grab some Starbucks coffee, and take a good nap at 2:00 am thanks to the Ziesta room! Plus, the ZSR has so many resources that I think are valuable to the students from the books and texts to the faculty who are some of the nicest people. My favorite class here at Wake Forest is the English class I took on Magical Realism. The class and the professor challenged me as a reader and writer and helped me find my enthusiasm for reading again!

  • Kendall John

    Kendall John

    I love ZSR because it let’s me be productive but also social! My favorite part of WFU has been meeting the people that I now call family!

  • Lillian Johnson

    Lillian Johnson

    When I was nervously moving in early freshman year, my parents and I visited ZSR. I fell in love upon seeing the view of Wait Chapel from the sixth floor windows and knew that the library would become my safe haven. My favorite class is a draw between History of the Book and Adolescent Literature. In true liberal arts fashion, both of these classes have allowed me to engage with interesting topics, like censorship, and to learn things I never thought I would, like bookbinding.

  • Dylan King

    Dylan King

    One thing that I love about ZSR (albeit a little cliche) is its endless supply of books and always friendly/helpful staff. My favorite class at Wake Forest thus far has to be linear algebra; I love the simple elegance and beauty that lies in mathematical proofs.

  • Rav Mathone

    Rav Mathone

    I love the ZSR library because it is a place for research and it gives students the opportunity to explore global and interdisciplinary studies from the comfort of their home. One of my favorite classes at Wake has been the religion class on Palestinian and Israeli conflict, culture, and politics that I took in Israel. This class helped to expand my world view and gain insight into a field of study very different from my own, encouraging me to ultimately pursue a second major in religious studies in addition to chemistry.

  • Suprene Mohamedzein

    Suprene Mohamedzein

    One thing I love about ZSR is the seemingly limitless amount of resources it provides students, faculty, and other members of the community. Between the available books, articles, and audio/visual media, there is no shortage of resources student can use for class assignments or research! One of my favorite classes thus far has been my first year writing seminar class. I enjoyed that class since we were able to utilize so many of ZSR’s resources, including the Special Collections & Archives, which we used to look at Maya Angelou’s Film and Theater Collection to create an exhibit about Maya Angelou that was featured in ZSR during Black History Month last year.

  • Lindsay Moran

    Lindsay Moran

    President, 2018-2019; Vice President Elect 2017-2018

    I love the ZSR because it provides so many resources and everyone there wants to see you succeed. My favorite class so far at Wake has been biological psychology. I enjoy learning about the brain and my professors were amazing. I look forward to being able to work in and help the library as an ambassador.

  • David Mulder

    David Mulder

    Secretary, 2017-2019

    I love ZSR because I’m always discovering new things there: hidden study spots, books, whole shelves of knowledge I didn’t know existed. Even after many years of wandering the stacks, I still find plenty of surprises. One of my favorite experiences at WFU so far has been designing my own interdisciplinary major in Ancient Near Eastern Studies. Trying to piece together a curriculum from five different departments could sometimes be difficult, but it’s extremely rewarding to have a program that takes full advantages of the full range of classes Wake Forest offers.

  • Melissa Navarro

    Melissa Navarro

    I love the ZSR because it’s such a cozy and homely place to get some work done with some Starbucks. My favorite class so far has been WRI111: What makes writing good? because it inspired me to minor in Writing. The course was an awesome way of thinking about writing in a completely different way which was so beneficial for me in order to move on from high school academic writing.

  • Jordan Rumford

    Jordan Rumford

    The library creates a very warm aura; between the librarians, the students, and the building itself I always feel at ease and comfortable. My Favorite Class so far is Chemistry 111. I’m a huge science lover so the class is always fun and intriguing.

  • Isabella Ryan

    Isabella Ryan

    I love ZSR because it has a wide variety of newspapers and magazines from around the world. Furthermore, ZSR has a study spot for everyone and I love studying in ZSR and seeing my friends do the same, My favorite class at Wake is Intro to Archaeology because it is taught by Dr. Jones and because it combines a wide variety of different fields- history, science, the study of artifacts.

  • Rebecca Walker

    Rebecca Walker

    The library is an amazing space on campus and a very big part of campus life. It’s the perfect place for studying, printing, renting a book, or just stopping by for a cup of coffee. For the past three years, I have also volunteered at the local Bookmarks festival, which brings people from the community together by hosting a wide range of authors.

  • Taylor West

    Taylor West

    The 24 hour room is my favorite place in the library. I met my best friend in the ZSR 24 hour room my freshman year. I’ve felt the extremes of the emotional spectrum in that room. I’ve done some of my best writing in the 24 hour room. That room is a staple of my college experience.

What Do ZSR Ambassadors Do?

ZSR Ambassadors:

  • Suggest ways to improve the student experience within ZSR Library by participating in monthly meetings and focus groups
  • Publicize and work at library events, such as the Wake the Library, Dean’s List Gala, Find Your Nerd Herd, and guest lectures & exhibits
  • Promote library services and resources to students in residence halls, classes, and beyond

The ZSR Ambassador program provides undergraduate and graduate students with leadership skills, professional connections, project management, marketing skills and the opportunity to make a positive impact to the ZSR Library.