ZSR Ambassadors

ZSR Ambassadors is a one-year student leadership opportunity that allows a group of students to make a lasting impact on campus. What do ZSR Ambassadors do?

2020-2021 Ambassadors

We asked our Ambassadors, “what should new students know about ZSR?”

  • Parker Beverly

    Parker Beverly

    Vice President 2020-2021

    Hi, I’m Parker, a sophomore from Pensacola, Florida. At Wake Forest, I am a student assistant in the Special Collections & Archives division of the library, a student advisor, and contributor to the Old Gold and Black. I enjoy historical research, documentary filmmaking, and learning new things every day. ZSR is such an amazing place on campus and I look forward to spreading the word about its amazing resources! I think a new student should know that the library provides information on anything and everything from the collections of Maya Angelou to rare books dating back to the 13th century. Take a look at the finding aids and search features on the library’s website and see just how vast the collections are. There really is something for everyone here. I urge new students to take advantage of all of these incredible resources during their time at Wake!

  • Gretchen Boyles

    Gretchen Boyles

    I’m a senior History major with minors in Politics and Communications, and I am from Kings Mountain, NC. You can catch me in a few music ensembles on campus, and I love to destress by crocheting and watching Netflix with friends. One thing that new students should know about ZSR is just how versatile of a resource it is. Whether you need help writing a paper, space for a group project, help with researching a topic for a class, assistance finding a specific book, or even just a place to meet people for coffee, ZSR is the place to be. It’s the biggest resource on campus for students, so utilize it as much as you possibly can!

  • Jimmy Camp

    Jimmy Camp

    Hello! I am a junior from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and I am majoring in Politics & International Affairs and minoring in Entrepreneurship and Latin American Studies. During my time at Wake Forest, I have enjoyed playing basketball at the gym, attending Banshee shows, and hanging out on the Quad. New students should know that ZSR has more to it than meets the eye. ZSR has a variety of online databases that all students should take advantage of, as well as many other services such as the Writing Center and the Bridge.

  • Hannah DeMaioNewton

    Hannah DeMaioNewton

    Secretary 2020-2021

    I am a junior working towards becoming a doctor. I am passionate about health advocacy, art, and food. When I’m not studying, planning for the Bioethics Club, or working at the Hanes Art Gallery, you can find me snacking on some queso from Moe’s or swinging on the tree swings near Scales. ZSR offers much more than opportunities for research or cozy and collaborative study spaces; ZSR is a central meeting location for advancing Wake Forest students’ and faculty members’ missions. While ZSR is a great place to study and get work done, the atmosphere that Wake Forest students, faculty, and staff have cultivated here over time represents the unity and determination to benefit others that define the Wake Forest community. As you spend more time in ZSR, pay close attention to the little details, like the art vending machine, murals, and mini library book exchange box tucked into a corner of ZSR’s side entrance, that show us just how integral our library is to our community.

  • Caroline Fahringer

    Caroline Fahringer

    Community Engagement Chair 2020-2021

    I’m a sophomore from Poquoson, Virginia and I am majoring in Elementary Education! Outside of being a ZSR Ambassador, I am involved in Greek Life and work in ZSR Special Collections and Archives. New students should know that it helps to get lost in the library! There are so many rooms that you have to stumble upon to find, but can be the greatest new study spots!

  • Shosi Hansen

    Shosi Hansen

    ZSR is the place I go to get work done. I am wholly unproductive anywhere else. Maybe it’s being surrounded by so many books that spurs the productivity in me but the library is the easiest place to focus. I can get any type of book or resource there, whether for school or just for me. And I can feel the camaraderie as I’m cranking out my last minute assignments that I am not alone in my pursuit of knowledge. My favorite Wake memory so far has been Pitsgiving because I love food and I got to eat my bodyweight in food with some of my best friends.

  • Victoria Iyonmana Oduwa

    Victoria Iyonmana Oduwa

    Hello! My name is Victoria Oduwa, and I am a junior at Wake! I was born in Bethesda Maryland and I spent my childhood in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria. I arrived back at the states in 2013 and I am currently living with my grandmother in Memphis TN (Home of the blues and the BEST barbecue!) I am a current Engineering Major with a minor in Anthropology and a concentration in Health and Wellness. A fun fact about me is that I come from one of the oldest Kingdoms still in existence! (The Benin Empire, which was founded in 1180AD). I can also trace my ancestry back to a mighty warrior named Osagie who was a champion of the Benin Empire! I believe that new students should know that ZSR is more than just a library. It is an ecosystem of curiosity. It is where you go to learn with yourself, for yourself and about yourself.

  • Kendall John

    Kendall John

    There’s a space that works for everyone in the library, no matter how you study! You can find an isolated spot to focus, or you can grab a whiteboard and write all over, or you can sit by Starbucks and smell the delicious coffee while seeing all your friends! I love constantly finding new places in ZSR because I love the variety and flexibility it gives me to get my work done but also relax.

  • Joe McPherson

    Joe McPherson

    My name is Joe McPherson, and I am a junior here at Wake Forest University. I am from Mebane, North Carolina. I enjoy being active through hobbies such as running, hiking, and playing tennis. I enjoy eating at Cook Out, Panera, and Chick-fil-A (so if I’m not in the ZSR you can probably find me at one of those places). New students should know that the ZSR has a plethora of services available for assistance in writing. From the writing center, to Zotero access, to even workshops that educate students on how to use Zotero, the ZSR is here to help students succeed in all aspects of writing.

  • Katie Murray

    Katie Murray

    Hi! I’m Katie Murray, a current sophomore from Allendale, New Jersey. I am a Finance major with a Spanish minor who is very passionate about academics as well as campus life. In addition to being an ambassador, I am also a tour guide at Wake as well as a member of the Kappa Beta Gamma Sorority. In my time outside of class, you can find me working out at the gym, going out to eat with friends, and studying at the ZSR! I highly recommend making use of all the resources the library has to offer, as well as navigating the different floors of the library to find a study spot that is perfect for you! Also, the people who work in the library are delightful and some of the most friendly and helpful people you will come across, so don’t hesitate to ask for help or simply say hi!

  • Alison Nesbit

    Alison Nesbit

    I am a senior double major in Spanish and Communication. Something all Wake students should know is that you can make appointments with a librarian to have help finding sources for papers and research. The ZSR librarians are an amazing resource for research on all subjects and are always willing to help students. The best study spots in ZSR are the whiteboard tables you can take notes or outline essays on in the Reynolds Wing fourth floor Scholars Commons.

  • Lucy Owen

    Lucy Owen

    I’m a sophomore Art History and Psychology major from Columbia, SC. In addition to being an Ambassador, I write for Her Campus blog, volunteer at Campus Kitchen, sing in Wake’s concert choir, and am a member of Kappa Delta sorority. In my down time, you can find me taking spin classes at the gym, walking to Reynolda Village, making tons of playlists on Spotify, and of course, hanging out in ZSR! New students should make sure to explore all the floors of the library when they have a chance– last year I discovered a new favorite study spot right before we left for break!!

  • Katarina Sams

    Katarina Sams

    My name is Katarina and I am Croatian-American who grew up in Geneva, Switzerland! I am a junior at Wake Forest and I am studying music performance (if you ever need me I will be in Scales). I work in the ZSR and the resources here are EXTREMELY helpful: always take advantage of them while you still can. Also, the workers are very kind and polite, so don’t be afraid to ask them anything about the library!

  • Julie Sun

    Julie Sun

    I’m Julie Sun, a junior. For new students, it is better to know that there is a room called ZSR Library Auditorium (room 404), in which scholars from all over the world would come and give lectures to students. These lectures cover different fields and are easy to be understood. So if newcomers find it hard to decide their major, then listen to these lectures might be a good starting point for them to discover their real interests.

  • Jonathan Trattner

    Jonathan Trattner

    I am a senior pursuing an interdisciplinary major in computational neuroscience. I grew up in Orlando, FL, and get asked if I’ve been to Disney more times than I’ve been to Disney. In my free time, I sleep, eat, and go to the gym to pick things up and put them back down. I think new students should know about the recliners in the Ziesta room that are great for napping during long nights!

  • Rebecca Walker

    Rebecca Walker

    President 2020-2021

    The library is an amazing space on campus and a very big part of campus life. It’s the perfect place for studying, printing, renting a book, or just stopping by for a cup of coffee. For the past three years, I have also volunteered at the local Bookmarks festival, which brings people from the community together by hosting a wide range of authors.

What Do ZSR Ambassadors Do?

ZSR Ambassadors:

  • Suggest ways to improve the student experience within ZSR Library by participating in monthly meetings and focus groups
  • Publicize and work at library events, such as the Wake the Library, Dean’s List Gala, Find Your Nerd Herd, and guest lectures & exhibits
  • Promote library services and resources to students in residence halls, classes, and beyond

The ZSR Ambassador program provides undergraduate and graduate students with leadership skills, professional connections, project management, marketing skills and the opportunity to make a positive impact to the ZSR Library.