ZSR Ambassadors

ZSR Ambassadors is a one-year student leadership opportunity that allows a group of students to make a lasting impact on campus. What do ZSR Ambassadors do?

2023-2024 Ambassadors

We asked our Ambassadors, “what should new students know about ZSR?”

  • Cat D’Arcangelis

    Cat D'Arcangelis

    Hi, I’m Cat, a junior from Randolph, NJ. I am an intended Chemistry/Art History double major, and I’m interested in working in art conservation! I am a member of the Poetry and D&D clubs here at Wake, and I also work and spend a lot of time at ZSR–I can often be found at the Circ Desk or wandering the stacks. I love tea and cooking, and like to bake in my dorm’s kitchen. New students should know that ZSR is an incredible resource if you need to do research of any kind! They have journals, books, and other media covering pretty much every topic you can think of. And if you need an article from an obscure chemical synthesis journal (just me? okay then), it’s really easy to request a scan of it from offsite storage. Utilize that and utilize our incredible team of research librarians! Your professors will thank you for it.

  • Lisi Chapin

    Lisi Chapin

    Hi! My name is Lisi Chapin, and I am a Junior from Easton, Connecticut. I am double majoring in Communications and Spanish. Outside of being a ZSR ambassador, I work in Benson University Center, play soccer for the club team here, and I’m the intramural sports chair for Kappa Delta sorority. My favorite activity to do at Wake is to walk the Reynolda trail. I think everyone should explore all the levels of ZSR. The library might look packed with no available space, but there are always some great studying spots in hidden corners of the library! This is where I get some of my most productive studying done!

  • Camille Frient

    Camille Frient

    Hello! My name is Camille Frient, and I am a senior from Chicago, Illinois. I am on the pre-business track here at Wake, and am considering minoring in politics and international affairs. In addition to being a ZSR ambassador, I am a member of the Kappa Beta Gamma sorority, a writer for the FIT magazine, and a blogger for WFU Style. Outside of my studies, I am very passionate about hiking and skiing, and typically spend most of my breaks from school in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. A new student should know that although the ZSR can be a serious and serene place to get your work done, it is also a great spot to bond and collaborate with friends or classmates. Some of the late nights I spent in the library knocking-out work with my friends were among some of the best nights of my freshman year.

  • Carolina González Gutiérrez

    Carolina González Gutiérrez

    Hi! My name is Carolina González Gutiérrez, and I’m a current senior from Star, North Carolina. I’m a history major with minors in WGSS and cultural heritage and preservation studies. I am also the current treasurer of the Fiber Arts Club. Outside of class, I spend a lot of time caring for my plants, crocheting, going on walks, and mushroom hunting. However, most of my time on campus is spent studying in the library or walking the trails in Reynolda. One thing all new students should know about ZSR is that they offer interlibrary loans! Last year I was able to check out some really hard to find comics from the 80s after they requested them from another university. They’re super helpful!

  • Rohan Gupta

    Rohan Gupta

    Hi! My name is Rohan Gupta, and I am a Junior from Potomac, Maryland. I am majoring in Mathematics and with a minor in Chemistry. As well as a ZSR ambassador, I am a tutor in the Math and Stats Center. I spend more time in ZSR than any other place on campus and definitely recommend students explore all 8 floors of the library to find their favorite places to study. All new students should take advantage of the bridge. They are incredibly helpful with any technology questions and even rent out laptops.

  • Sarah Haugh

    Sarah Haugh

    Hello! My name is Sarah Haugh, and I am a senior from Virginia Beach, VA. I am a double major in Psychology and Sociology. In addition to being a ZSR Ambassador, I am a student adviser, and a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority! In my free time, you can find me walking around campus with friends, reading books, taking pilates classes, or exploring different parts of Winston-Salem! ZSR is such a vibrant and energetic place that all students should take time to explore. I personally find that I do both my best collaborative work and individual work here, as there are plenty of different spaces for everyone. Everyone at the library is ready and willing to help, so don’t be afraid to ask!

  • Amanda Jones

    Amanda Jones

    Secretary 2023-2024

    Hello! My name is Amanda Jones, and I am a senior from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. I am an aspiring Art History and Anthropology double major with a minor in French. In addition to being a ZSR Ambassador, I am a member of the Delta Zeta sorority and a writer & the social media team for the Her Campus WFU chapter. ZSR is my favorite spot on campus from the coffee at the library café to my study space on the 8th Floor! I believe new students should take advantage of all the fun programs the library has to offer. ZSR is more than just a big building full of books. It has wonderful resources to help you in your academic career and even games to collaborate with friends. Don’t be afraid to explore and try new things!

  • Murren Kelly

    Murren Kelly

    Hello! My name is Murren Kelly, and I am a senior from Loganville, Georgia. I am a Biology major with minors in Psychology and Counseling and pursuing a career as a genetic counselor. You can find me around campus in orchestra rehearsal, discussing bioethics, teaching and practicing archery, or baking while I watch movies. I am also a Resident Advisor with a passion for supporting fellow students. Other than that, I love studying in the ZSR basement, but I am also excited to check out some of the newly renovated spaces! New students should know that there are so many location options in ZSR and ways to use different spaces. Find what works for you in different scenarios such as studying alone versus with friends or when you might need to connect to a big screen or use a white board. Also take advantage of the room reservations!

  • Julia Konradt

    Julia Konradt

    My name is Julia Konradt and I am a senior from Atlanta, Georgia. I’m on the Pre- Business track and am planning on minoring in Spanish. In addition to being a ZSR ambassador, I am a student adviser. During my free time around campus, I love to walk the Reynolda Trails, have quad picnics with my friends, and explore the ZSR library! What should new students know about ZSR? The ZSR is not just a silent study spot, it also has lots of collaborative spaces. Some of my favorite spots to collaborate are the upstairs of the library café and the classroom spaces. You can rent out classroom spaces online!

  • Rebekah Lassiter

    Rebekah Lassiter

    I am a fourth-year student planning on majoring in Biology and/or Art History. I love the liberal arts structure of Wake and the way it facilitates the study of a diverse array of subject matter. Outside of class, I enjoy doing research and giving back to the community, through service! I think new students should know how approachable and helpful the librarians at ZSR are!

  • Jacquelinne Marroquin

    Vice President 2022-2023

    Hi! My name is Jacquelinne Marroquin, and I’m junior from Siler City, NC. I was born in Houston, TX but grew up in Chiquimula, Guatemala. I plan on majoring in Political Science and Foreign Affairs with a minor in French and possibly Anthropology. Aside from being a ZSR Ambassador, I’m also a ZSR student employee for the reference floor. My dream job is to work at the United Nations Office For The Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. The thing I love doing the most is to serve as a translator. I love facilitating the language barrier for my church, friends, family, and anyone who needs it. I love hanging out with my friends and going for late night drives. One thing you should know about ZSR is that the “Multimedia Lab” on the second floor is a nice study spot where you also have access to iMacs.

  • Hope Nitsche

    Hope Nitsche

    Vice President 2024 & Community Engagement Chair 2023-2024

    Hey everyone! My name is Hope Nitsche, and I am a junior from Winston-Salem majoring in Biology and Classical Studies with a minor in Neuroscience. I’m also a student worker at ZSR, so it is safe to say that the library is one of my favorite places at Wake. New students should know that ZSR is not only a place to study; there are also so many resources for you to take advantage of! All students should know how they can rent technology equipment, print, and get help finding books, all by talking to someone at the circulation desk. It is very easy to get help with whatever problem you are having by just asking someone working at ZSR.

  • Neriah Olivier

    Neriah Olivier

    My name is Neriah Olivier, and I am a sophomore from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I am planning to major in English and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies, with a potential minor in Anthropology. In my free time, I like to read, listen to music, and take care of my assortment of house plants. One thing new students should know about ZSR is that there are so many people available, from research librarians to the tutors in the writing center, who will be able to help you find any information you might need, and all you have to do is ask!

  • Caroline Parrish

    Caroline Parrish

    My name is Caroline Parrish, and I’m a senior from Atlanta, Georgia! I’m double majoring in English and Spanish, but when I’m not in class, I’m probably reading with a cup of coffee or binging one of Netflix’s million true crime docs (also with a cup of coffee). The most helpful thing to know about the library is all the different services that it houses – I’ve taken a trip to The Bridge more than once!

  • Collin Sharp

    Collin Sharp

    Hi! My name is Collin Sharp and I am a Junior from Raleigh, North Carolina. I am majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a minor in Bioethics, Humanities, and Medicine. In addition to being an Ambassador, I am a Co-Chair of the Alumni Division of Hit the Bricks this year. The ZSR library is a wonderful place and somewhere I spent a lot of time my freshman year. So, one thing I think all new students should know about the library is the large number of collaborative rooms that can be reserved. These rooms give you a great place to work with others, give mock presentations, or hold study sessions. Apart from these, all new students should explore the library to find their favorite spot and all the services ZSR offers!

  • Aidan Smith

    President 2022-2023

    Hey! I’m Aidan Smith, a senior from Long Island, New York. I’m a Health and Exercise Science major on the premed track. Around campus, you can find me driving one of the Wake Forest EMS vehicles, shooting arrows on Waterfall Field, or advising students with the Wake Forest Judicial System. If I’m not at any of these you will probably find me in ZSR! My favorite spot is the basement, the bookshelves create the best atmosphere. One thing I will tell new students about ZSR is to explore! Change up where you study! You’ll find your place in ZSR and you may find some of the many services ZSR offers to students.

  • Alli Swyt

    Hey! My name is Alli Swyt, and I am a sophomore from Rock Hill, South Carolina. I am majoring in Physics with minors in math and possibly music. I love playing the viola, in addition to a few other instruments, and I will be playing in a chamber music group this semester. Some of my other hobbies include crocheting and reading books. One thing I wish new students to know about ZSR is that it carries many books in a variety of different languages. So, if you want extra practice for your next language exam, or to keep up with a language that you don’t want to forget, it’s easy to find a book in that language at ZSR.

  • Lexi Zyskowski

    Lexi Zyskowski

    Hi! My name is Lexi Zyskowski, and I’m a senior from Westport, CT. I’m a communication major with minors in English, film & media studies, and philosophy. I’ve been a ZSR fiend since freshman fall, and I would tell new students not to let the busy, sometimes hectic nature of the library deter you! Find different staircases and elevators to transport you to a new section of ZSR where you might feel more comfortable plugging in for a late night or early morning. If you’re an early bird, I recommend the 6th floor alcoves; they’re beautiful and peaceful with the morning sunlight. Also, don’t be afraid to check out a book (or several)! The feeling that you get after combing through the stacks to find a singular title is irreplaceable.

What Do ZSR Ambassadors Do?

ZSR Ambassadors:

  • Suggest ways to improve the student experience within ZSR Library by participating in biweekly meetings and focus groups
  • Publicize and work at library events, such as the ZSR Game Nights, CozyFest, Blind Date with a Book, and guest lectures & exhibits
  • Promote library services and resources to students in residence halls, classes, and beyond

The ZSR Ambassador program provides undergraduate and graduate students with leadership skills, professional connections, project management, marketing skills and the opportunity to make a positive impact to the ZSR Library.