Library Assessment

ZSR Library assessment is a continuing process, using a variety of methods to evaluate and measure how effective the Library is in supporting its mission. Ongoing assessment provides library faculty and staff with the necessary data needed to improve services, identify changing patterns in users’ needs and promote library resources and services.

Library assessment activities are led by members of the Assessment Committee.  Members of the FY18 committee are

  • Lauren Corbett
  • Thomas Dowling
  • Alice Eng
  • Mary Beth Lock
  • Susan Smith (chair)
  • Rosalind Tedford
  • Tanya Zanish-Belcher

The committee establishes goals for each fiscal year and uses these to develop an annual assessment plan. At year’s end, it submits an annual report of accomplishments to the Library administration.

Activities & Accomplishments

Assessment Goals FY17

  • Administer the Ithaka S + R Local Faculty Survey
  • Redesign ACRL/IPEDS data gathering spreadsheet to facilitate more granularity for ZSR
  • Survey and assess faculty and student course participation and collection use in Special Collections and Archives (SCA)
  • Establish a ZSR statistics dashboard (Tech Team)
  • Develop new methods to assess Institutional Repository use
  • Assess effectiveness of quantitative librarian evaluation pilot

Assessment Plan

Annual Report

Surveys & Results

Ithaka S+R Local Faculty Survey, 2016

National Survey Results

Biannually, the Library selects a national standardized assessment tool  that allows  the Library to benchmark services against peer groups.

In 2016 the Library participated in an international survey – Innovations in Scholarship.

Local Assessment Examples

Assessment Presentations

Data Visualizations

Data visualizations can help to effectively communicate data and outcomes.