Library Committees


Library staff members are critical to the governance of the Library. The entire staff meets monthly and teams meet regularly. Advisory committees of university faculty and students meet with the Dean to facilitate communication and advise on Library policies and procedures. The Dean of the Library also establishes an array of standing committees, as well as ad hoc committees and task forces when needed.

Committees by Assignment

Administrative Council

The Administrative Council is comprised of the Dean of the Library, Team Leaders, a library faculty representative and an elected staff representative. The Administrative Council meets monthly to discuss, develop, and review plans, projects, and issues relevant to the Library and its roles in the University.

  • Renee Berry (ex officio)
  • Lauren Corbett
  • Thomas Dowling
  • Molly Keener
  • Mary Beth Lock
  • Tim Pyatt
  • Kathy Shields (Library Faculty Representative, 2017-2018)
  • Susan Smith
  • Monesha Staton (Staff Representative, 2017-2019)
  • Rosalind Tedford
  • Tanya Zanish-Belcher


The Assessment Committee is charged with planning and facilitating assessment efforts for library services.

  • Lauren Corbett
  • Thomas Dowling
  • Alice Eng
  • Molly Keener
  • Mary Beth Lock
  • Susan Smith (chair)
  • Rosalind Tedford
  • Tanya Zanish-Belcher


The Communications Committee promotes ZSR library services, resources, and facilities to Wake Forest students, faculty, and staff, as well as the broader Winston-Salem community. The Committee identifies, fosters, and sustains various communication channels to strengthen the library’s visibility and value within the larger university community.

  • Chris Burris (co-chair)
  • Thomas Dowling
  • Ellen Makaravage
  • Kevin Gilbertson
  • Carrie Johnston
  • Rebecca Petersen May (co-chair)
  • Meghan Webb

Diversity & Inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is charged with identifying programming and conducting policy review that will create a more welcoming and respectful environment for all library employees and patrons. It will perform climate assessments, increase awareness and sensitivity among staff, and recommend policies and practices that embed diversity and inclusion into all relevant staff programs and library services and activities.

  • Chris Burris
  • Molly Keener
  • Mary Beth Lock (chair)
  • Travis Manning
  • Monesha Staton
  • Hu Womack

Safety & Security

The Safety and Security Committee is charged with the development and maintenance of emergency protocols and policies to guide ZSR Library’s staff response; and with conducting and coordinating training for library staff related to emergency procedures. The committee is also responsible for maintaining supplies to aid in emergency response and performing an annual preventive maintenance building walk-through.

  • Scott Adair
  • Stephanie Bennett
  • Thomas Dowling
  • Patrick Ferrell
  • James Harper
  • Mary Beth Lock (chair)
  • Jon Moore

User Experience

The User Experience (UX) Committee conducts user research and offers design recommendations to improve library services, resources, and spaces for all library users.

  • Carol Cramer
  • Kyle Denlinger
  • Kevin Gilbertson (chair)
  • James Harper
  • Bob Hebert
  • Rebecca Petersen May
  • Jon Moore

Committees by Choice

Emergency Weather Team

The Emergency Weather Team responds to weather emergencies to open and operate the library during inclement conditions. Public Services Areas Only.

  • Jeff Eller
  • Tara Hauser
  • Doris Jones
  • David Link
  • Mary Beth Lock (chair)
  • Tim Mitchell
  • Hu Womack

Employee Recognition

The Employee Recognition Committee is charged with developing and implementing strategies for recognizing ZSR faculty and staff and for planning the annual Employee Recognition Luncheon, typically held in May the week after graduation. The Committee is also responsible for administering the Dedicated Deacon Award for informal recognition and the Annual Employee Recognition Awards for sustained excellence throughout the year.

  • Renee Berry (2016-2018)
  • Craig Fansler (2017-2019)
  • Ellen Makaravage (2017-2019)
  • Leslie McCall (2016-2018)
  • Mel Rutledge (2016-2018) (chair)
  • Kathy Shields (2016-2018)

Library Lecture Series

The Library Lecture Series Programming Committee is charged with planning lectures and discussions that will support the current curriculum; address current issues and events; acknowledge and accentuate the current collection and bring together the many diverse points of view found in our community.

Please see the Schedule of Events and Lecture Details form.

  • Barry Davis
  • Ellen Daugman
  • Craig Fansler
  • Amanda Foster
  • Joy Gambill (chair)
  • James Harper
  • Megan Mulder
  • Kathy Shields

Staff Development

The Staff Development Committee is charged with developing and implementing staff development plans and activities for the staff of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library. Committee members representing the Library Teams solicit suggestions and requests for topics. Topics also come from workshop evaluations and the library administration. The staffs of the Professional Center Library and the Coy C. Carpenter Medical School Library are invited to participate in many of the staff development activities.

The Staff Development Committee focuses on providing workshops and training opportunities that can take place in the Library. Other development activities, such as travel to professional conferences and off-site workshops, are available to all staff through the Library’s staff development funds request process. Occasionally individual departments organize special informational events that constitute staff development opportunities.

  • Stephanie Bennett
  • Jeff Eller
  • Steve Kelley (chair)
  • Kaeley McMahan
  • Kristen Morgan
  • Bradley Podair
  • Mary Reeves
  • Hu Womack

Wake the Library

The Wake the Library Committee will coordinate the library’s “Wake the Library” program – all-night study hours during exam periods. The committee will plan the schedule, solicit volunteers, seek donations from the university, coordinate the food, plan the publicity, etc.

  • Prentice Armstrong
  • Tara Hauser
  • Doris Jones (co-chair)
  • Carolyn McCallum
  • Tim Mitchell (co-chair)
  • Peter Romanov
  • Linda Ziglar