The Digital Initiatives & Scholarly Communication department in ZSR Library invites faculty, staff, and graduate students to join us for our fall workshops on data carpentry, qualitative research tools, and course materials & copyright. Each workshop will be offered twice, once virtually and once in person. Note that for virtual sessions, a Zoom link will be provided to participants prior to the workshop. Full details and links to register below!

Data Carpentry for Social Science Research

OpenRefine is a free, open-source “power tool” for working with messy data. This workshop, designed for faculty and graduate students in the social sciences, will explore ways to use OpenRefine to clean and format tabular data efficiently.

Course Materials & Copyright

Chances are there’s a mix of content created by you and by others that you rely on for your teaching. Beyond textbooks, your course materials might include lecture notes and slides, illustrated graphics, journal articles, video clips, and readings you’ve collected over time. There’s a mistaken belief that if you are using content for instruction, copyright doesn’t matter because any educational use is protected. Such blanket permission doesn’t exist, but there are ways to exercise copyright awareness with your course materials to ensure you’re within legal parameters. In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to think about copyright and course materials, how to assess fair use, and how you can leverage library resources and Course Reserves to stay out of legal limbo.

MAXQDA for Qualitative Research

Digital tools for qualitative research help scholars organize, code, and analyze dozens of types of qualitative data, from texts to Tweets. Learn more about how MAXQDA can support your research projects with this introductory workshop. Open to faculty, staff, and graduate students. Each session is stand-alone and there are no prerequisites.

Questions? Contact Heather Barnes or Molly Keener.