ZSR has a long history of providing tech for library users – both to use in the building and to check out. As we start planning to refresh and upgrade some of what we offer, we had the crazy idea of… asking the people who actually use this equipment: What tech do you need to use when you’re in ZSR? What do you wish we offered? What do you check out and what else should be available to check out? (Here is what is already available for check out.)

We’re running a survey to get your opinions. We promise, it’s quick and simple. Your answers will help us prioritize what we provide, from the small (phone and laptop chargers) to the big (new workstations and video equipment).

As a thank you for helping out with this, when you complete the survey we’ll enter your name in a drawing to win fabulous prizes like a new tablet or streaming device!

The survey is availalble at: https://myz.sr/2YqTURJ