The ZSR Ambassadors are the library’s student advocacy group, supporting ZSR through programmatic assistance and candid feedback. Since the inception of this program in 2012, our Ambassadors have offered a student voice for outreach, service, and facility considerations, and the group is frequently consulted by library administration for their perspective and counsel. In recent years, our library Ambassadors have worked to develop and implement library programs, student feedback channels, and design proposals for library spaces.

Every spring semester, we hold Ambassador recruitment and welcome a new cohort of ZSR Ambassadors in the fall. Recently, we asked our 2022-2023 Ambassadors :

“What should new students know about ZSR?”

  • Camille Frient

    A new student should know that although the ZSR can be a serious and serene place to get your work done, it is also a great spot to bond and collaborate with friends or classmates. Some of the late nights I spent in the library knocking-out work with my friends were among some of the best nights of my freshman year. – Camille Frient

  • Carolina González Gutiérrez

    One thing all new students should know about ZSR is that they offer interlibrary loans! Last year I was able to check out some really hard to find comics from the 80s after they requested them from another university. They’re super helpful! – Carolina González Gutiérrez

  • Annie Icenhower

    In my opinion, the library is the best in the mornings. I love grabbing a seat at the first floor, putting on some music through my headphones, and working while the sun shines through the windows. Also, I would recommend students take advantage of the writing center in the library. It’s a super chill atmosphere where tutors can help you polish up your work or even help you start to craft a paper topic. – Annie Icenhower

  • Collin Sharp

    So, one thing I think all new students should know about the library is the large number of collaborative rooms that can be reserved. These rooms give you a great place to work with others, give mock presentations, or hold study sessions. Apart from these, all new students should explore the library to find their favorite spot and all the services ZSR offers! – Colin Sharpe

  • Hope Nitsche

    All students should definitely know how they can rent technology equipment, print, and get help finding books, all by talking to someone at the circulation desk. It is very easy to get help with whatever problem you are having by just asking someone working at ZSR. – Hope Nitsche

  • Cat D'Arcangelis

    New students should know that ZSR is an incredible resource if you need to do research of any kind! They have journals, books, and other media covering pretty much every topic you can think of. And if you need an article from an obscure chemical synthesis journal (just me? okay then), it’s really easy to request a scan of it from offsite storage. Utilize that and utilize our incredible team of research librarians! Your professors will thank you for it. – Cat D’Arcangelis

  • Madi Shaver

    Something everyone should know about the library is that there’s a laptop charging station at the Bridge in case you forget your charger…no need to worry about it dying. – Madi Shaver

  • Parker Beverly

    I think a new student should know that the library provides information on anything and everything from the collections of Maya Angelou to rare books dating back to the 13th century. Take a look at the finding aids and search features on the library’s website and see just how vast the collections are. – Parker Beverly

  • Rebekah Lassiter

    I think new students should know how approachable and helpful the librarians at ZSR are! – Rebekah Lassiter

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