As we are beginning the Spring Semester in the middle of a significant uptick in COVID cases, and even in our highly vaccinated and boosted environment, we still need to be conscientious about mask wearing. As WFU president Dr. Wente stated in her start of semester email to campus:

Each individual and the choices we all make matter, especially now. I ask that we commit to our shared responsibilities to keep our learning community together and healthy. Get your booster, wear your mask and take care of yourself and one another.

Students wearing masks in the library atrium

ZSR will be rededicating efforts to get students to adhere to mask mandates. Please help us keep you all, and each of us, as safe as possible by consistently wearing your mask, minimizing food and drink consumption, and continuously wearing your mask whenever you are moving through the library. We can get through this difficult time by using this simple but crucial method to contain the spread of COVID-19. We appreciate your help in this endeavor.

Students wearing masks in the library