Our most recent Take Care Tuesday event coincided with Banned Books Week, so we joined the effort to spread awareness about increased efforts to ban certain books from school and public libraries and celebrate the freedom to read. We included signage about Banned Books Week and passed out bookmarks with the most-challenged books of 2022 and personalized ZSR stickers featuring the spines of some classic yet challenged titles (we also passed out candy–it is October!). Sixty-four students readily scooped up the giveaways while engaging with the content, remarking on titles they’d read, and were surprised to see banned and recent book bannings they were aware of in their home states. The sticker especially sparked conversation as students expressed disbelief over included titles–“1984?” “The Giver?”–and questioned the intent behind the challenges. Students previously aware of Banned Books Week were happy we’d recognized the event, and several asked how they could help.

Take Care Tuesday-Freedom to Read 2023

Banned Books Week 2023 at ZSR

Banned Books Week 2023-stickers and bookmarks