On Friday, September 8th, the ZSR Library hosted a Game Night in ZSR from 7-9 pm! Over the summer, we reached out to WFU Esport, the Board Game Club, and Rook and Bishop to select a Friday night early in the semester in hopes of increasing attendance by scheduling the event before other evening programming by student organizations was in full swing! The plan seemed to work as we had 108 students attend the event, and based on the comments we received from our outreach events feedback form, students enjoyed the event as well (pizza and door prizes were a hit!) Shout out to our ZSR volunteers who helped Meghan and me set up for, host, and clean up after this event! Volunteers included Barry Davis, Mary Beth Lock, Molly Keener, Carolyn McCallum, Daisha Bunn, and Maddie Koontz! (And shoutout to Alayna Veasey, who helped with setup prior to the event.) And thanks to Daisha Bunn, you can already check out all our photos from the event on ZSR’s Flickr!

Game Night, September 8th, 2023