What Does This Status Mean?

Below are the common statuses found in your Interlibrary Loan account and their explanations.

Awaiting Unfilled Processing
We have sent your request to potential lenders but no one has filled the request. We may continue to try to obtain the material from other sources or send it back to you due to lack of lenders/suppliers.
Awaiting Copyright Clearance
We are checking to see if a copyright fee is required to obtain the requested article.
Awaiting Customer Contact
The requested material has arrived and is being processed prior to notifying customer.
Awaiting Post Receipt Processing
The requested material has arrived, and it is being processed.
Awaiting Request Processing
We have received your request and we will try to locate potential lenders.
Customer Notified via E-Mail
An e-mail notice has been sent to customer concerning the arrival of the requested item(s).
Delivered to Web
The article has been posted on the Web for the customer’s viewing.
Item Not Picked Up
The customer was notified of the arrival of the requested item(s), but item was not picked up.
Request Sent
The request has been sent to prospective lenders.