On Friday, September 29th, the ZSR Library hosted another Humans v Zombies (HvZ) event in ZSR! This was unlike our previous HvZ events in many ways! First, to facilitate completion of the awesome construction projects currently wrapping up in ZSR, we moved this first-year student event from the first Friday of the semester to the fifth Friday of the semester! (We plan to be back to our first Friday schedule next year!) Second, this was the first HvZ where students had to sign waivers and show ID to enter. This new procedure didn’t slow down the 108 students who attended, and now we have started a database of HvZ participants that we can notify about upcoming HvZ events! Finally, this was our first HvZ where almost half the volunteers were ZSR Ambassadors!

I want to thank Meghan Webb, Tim Mitchell, David Link, and Chris Burris for volunteering to work the event! Additionally, thanks to ZSR Ambassadors, Hannah, Layla, Lindsay, and Dylan for working the event, and finally, I also need to thank Daniel and Mike our faithful student leaders of this event! You can see photos from the event, taken by ZSR Ambassador, Layla Ghiai, on the ZSR Flickr site.