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Molly at Charleston 2021

Early November once again found me in Charleston, SC for the annual Charleston Conference. This was the last conference I attended before the pandemic hit, so it is fitting that it is the first in-person conference to return. As others have noted, this year’s conference was hybrid, replete with the hiccups and headaches of virtual... more

Carol at Charleston 2021

Ah the joys and pains of a hybrid conference. Accentuating the positive, I got to hear a librarian live from Lesotho(!) describe digitization efforts for African materials. And in some rooms, every seat was an aisle seat. I’ll focus my report on two programs: “Looking for Trouble: Seeking out, Resolving, and Preventing E-resource Link Issues”... more

Summer at Charleston 2021!

This was my first year ever attending the Charleston Conference, as well as my first time in Charleston! I have to say that though the hybrid experience was strange, I appreciate the efforts of the Charleston Conference planning committee to provide both in-person and online options. It was reassuring when grabbing my conference badge that... more

Morgan at Charleston 2021

This was my first year attending Charleston Conference, a conference I’ve heard a lot about and was eager to experience. Part of me wishes I had had the opportunity to attend this hybrid conference pre-pandemic when it was a fully in-person experience. I overheard numerous attendees longing for the “old days” but, without anything to... more

SEDLS, DLF, and DigiPres 2021

Southeast Data Librarian Symposium and DLF/DigiPres Conferences I had the opportunity to serve on two conference committees this year, which made for a busy fall! The Southeast Data Librarian Symposium (SEDLS) took place Wednesday, October 13-Friday, October 15; the Digital Library Federation and NDSA Digital Preservation combined sessions took place November 1-4. SEDLS is a... more

Creativity within Revolt: ASA 2021

After a year of hiatus in 2020, the American Studies Association virtually resumed its annual meeting this year under the theme, “Creativity within Revolt.” The theme acknowledged that “Revolt is a condition of being in ‘America’ for those who refuse to (or simply cannot) tolerate its normalized domestic and global productions of state and extra-state... more

Sarah “at” ALA Annual 2021

I have enjoyed reading everyone’s ALA posts, and do not wish to be repetitive about some of the same speakers I watched, so I will share a brief synopsis of my unique perspective and takeaways. The ALA Annual Virtual Conference’s featured speaker series on big societal and public health issues was particularly enlightening for me... more

Carolyn at ALA Annual 2021

I had some concerns about attending this year’s ALA virtual Annual Conference. Not falling asleep during sessions was a big one. I’ve attended many webinars in the past, and it is not an uncommon occurrence for me to doze off midway through one. With ALA being virtual, I would essentially be attending lots of webinars.... more

Mary Beth’s (Virtual) ALA


ALA 2021

This is the first conference blog post I’ve written in a long time. I guess we’re getting back to normal, gradually. As we all know, ALA Annual 2021 was, for the first time, an online conference, after the coronavirus pandemic cancelled the 2020 conference entirely. Was this year’s version the same as past ALA conferences?... more