Inside ZSR

Making – Creating Preservation Enclosures

We all try to describe the work we do to others. Many times, it is an abstraction to the listener, who must ask additional questions to understand. Helping others understand our work can be tricky. For the past three years, my work has really focused strongly on enclosures (archival boxes, pamphlet binders, Colibri dust jackets,... more

Student Assistants as Reverse Mentors

I am returning to our theme for Mentoring Month – unexpected and reinvigorating mentoring experiences. I have had the privilege of having Student Assistants in ZSR Library for almost 30 years. These experiences with these students left me dumbfounded, amazed and awed by these incredible individuals. Is this mentoring from the bottom up? I’ll share... more

2023 Guild of Book Workers Standards of Excellence Seminar

I was fortunate to attend the 2023 Standards of Excellence Seminar (referred to as Standards) in San Francisco. This meeting draws upon book binders, conservators, artists, and others who work in this general area. It is a unique opportunity to meet, and hear from these individuals and learn from the demonstrations that are presented. I... more

Bibliotech Bookbinding Workshop with Karen Hanmer

Biblio Tech Binding Workshop From April 5 to June 21, each Tuesday night from 6-8:30 pm, I attended an online workshop with Karen Hanmer. Karen possesses the knowledge of how books are constructed from the beginning to the present. She is a wonderful teacher. The workshop, entitled Biblio Tech, is geared toward making historical and... more

An Interview with Dolmen Press artist, Leslie MacWeeney

Photograph of Leslie MacWeeney by Alen MacWeeney In April of 2020, I was able to locate and interview Dolmen Press artist, Leslie MacWeeney. Just finding Leslie and being able to interview her was a thrill. I did a blog post in Irish Ink about her in 2016. However, it’s one thing to read about someone... more

Home Sweet Home Preservation Lab

It’s March, 2020, and I’m home. When can I safely go back to work again? This question reverberated in my brain, and I’m sure the brains of all of my colleagues at ZSR Library. Slowly, I began to wonder how and if I could do my work, which is primarily, hand work. As this idea... more

Preserving Muscle Memory During Quarantine

How does one, who primarily performs hand work in their job, keep their fingers nimble during a quarantine? For me it was taking a series of 10 book making workshops. The workshops were taught remotely through the Book Arts Program at the Marriott Library at the University of Utah. The university has had a Book... more

North Carolina Preservation Consortium Conference

On Friday, November 15th, I traveled to the McKimmon Center at N.C. State University for a presentation and conference. the conference theme was When the Unthinkable Happens! Disaster Preparedness for Cultural Heritage Organizations. There was a vast array of presenters from all kinds of institutions covering many types of disasters: -State Historic Sites -Lyrasis -N.C.... more

Craig at The Guild of Book Workers Standards of Excellence Seminar – Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a wonderful city known for its urban murals, art museums and great universities. Philadelphia was also a great site for the 2019 Guild of Book Workers Standards of Excellence Seminar. I was able to visit the Kislak Conservation Center, which is part of Special Collections & Archives at the Van Pelt Library at... more

Preservation Annual Report FY 2018-2019

As Preservation Librarian, my work in the Preservation Lab and as part of Special Collections & Archives, covers a wide variety of work. I thought I would share my statistics as an annual report, which details my work in ZSR Library for FY 2018-2019. 763 Book Repairs (General Collections) 28 Book Repairs (Special Collections) 593... more