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Inside ZSR

Roz @ Charleston Conference

The Charleston Conference is one of my very favorite conferences and this year did not disappoint. But as we did have 5 ZSR folks attending,  I’ll keep my comments to things I think I attended that others did not, so we don’t all repeat the same info about the same sessions. Vendor Interaction: I find... more

Chelcie at the 2014 Triangle Scholarly Communication Institute

This November I was fortunate to participate in the 2014 Triangle Scholarly Communication Institute.[1] Early publicity surrounding the request for proposals encouraged prospective participants to take the following approach when putting together proposals: Put together a working group that includes not just people you regularly interact with, but also people you want to work with... more

Molly at ALA Midwinter

My 2013 Midwinter conference happenings started earlier than they did for most of our ZSR colleagues, as the presenter group for the ACRL Scholarly Communication Roadshows gathered for a planning retreat Friday afternoon. We started these retreats at ALA Annual in NOLA in 2011, and they’ve become a valuable time for us to assess our... more

Dallas Day 1: Preconference, y’all!

ALA Midwinter 2012 has kicked off in Dallas, Texas, home of the Cowboys, the Stars, the Rangers, and – for the weekend – a whole lot of far less athletic (sorry Susan!) but enthusiastic librarians. I arrived yesterday late afternoon, as I needed to be ready to hit the ground running early this morning, as... more

At the Table at ACRL

As you’ve now realized, there was quite a ZSR contingent at the ACRL 2011 National Conference in Philadelphia last week. I was happily among them, enjoying my third ACRL conference and first real trip to Philly (airport connections don’t count). I arrived last Tuesday afternoon, and without a doubt, my overarching personal theme for this... more

NSF and Data Management webinar at UNC

Today Molly, Susan and Erik attended an open webinar offered by the Odum institute at UNC. The content of the webinar focused on the recently introduced requirement to have a data management plan for all National Science Foundation (NSF) grants. The requirement, which goes into effect January 18, 2011, has created quite a buzz in... more

Scholarly Communication & Liaison Outreach

Today Molly and Mary Beth (and for a while, Lauren C.) watched the ARL-ACRL Institute on Scholarly Communication webinar, “Broader Library Involvement in Building Scholarly Communication Programs.” The goal of the webinar was share examples and provide ideas for institutions who wish to involve liaisons in scholarly communication (SC) outreach across campus. This webinar was... more

“Beyond Impact Factor” Panel at UNC

On Wednesday, June 9, I participated in the “Beyond Impact Factor: Understanding & Supporting Scholarly Work in the New Academy” presentation at UNC-Chapel Hill. Sponsored by the University Libraries Scholarly Communications Committee, five speakers presented various aspects of how changes in scholarly practice and scholarship are – or are not, as is often the case... more

ScienceOnline2010 Day 2 (Sunday)

The second, and last, day of ScieneOnline2010 started a bit later and more relaxed, as Saturday-only attendees and those with early flights (or long drives) decreased numbers somewhat. The half-day was book-ended by two more yummy meals, with lunch once again featuring one of my favorite area restaurants, Mediterranean Deli. If this conference’s sessions weren’t... more

ScienceOnline2010 Day 1 (Saturday)

The first official day of ScienceOnline2010 began with early morning registration and breakfast, where I had my first encounter with doughnut muffins. Who knew such treats existed?! For those who are curious, it was shaped like a muffin, with dense cake-like dough, entirely covered in sugar. Not a bad start to my day! To give... more