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When was mentorship impactful to us?

The benefits of having a mentor ranges from receiving valuable feedback, encouraging you to sharpen or learn new skills, and even praise and support. In this installment from the Mentoring Committee, we will each share a particular moment when having a mentor was impactful to us. How has mentorship strongly affected you? Please feel free... more

What We’re Working On: Amanda Foster Kaufman

As National Mentoring Month draws to an end, we are happy to feature Amanda Foster Kaufman, ZSR’s Learning and Instructional Services Librarian. Amanda elaborately shares how she has collaborated with co-authors to bridge two different Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) conference paper presentations into peer-reviewed articles. One was 2017-2020. The other is currently... more

What We’re Working On: Mary Beth Lock

January is National Mentoring Month. In recognition, the Mentoring Committee wanted to highlight the great work our ZSR colleagues are engaged in. We believe this is a great way to illuminate the various opportunities that are available for library staff. This week we are featuring Mary Beth Lock, ZSR’s Associate Dean. Mary Beth is currently... more

Mr. Eller Goes to Washington

ALA Annual 2019 marked my first return to Washington DC since 2007, when I attended my very first professional library conference there. I was a law librarian then. I am no longer that.  Nor am I a rookie librarian anymore. In fact, at this year’s conference, I met up with my new ALCTS mentee. Either... more

Three Ways to Improve Your Peer Mentor Programs

Allison McWilliams sent out an invite to the ZSR Mentoring Committee to attend a webinar: “Three Ways to Improve Your Peer Mentor Programs.” Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the webinar on the day that it aired. This week I was able to view the recorded webinar. The webinar offered some excellent advice for... more

ZSR Mentoring Committee Journal Reading Program

On November 2, the Mentoring Committee sponsored a “Mentoring Skills Builder” program. The program was designed to provide an opportunity for assembly members and current mentees/mentors to meet and discuss two short mentoring articles. Committee members (Giz Womack and Bobbie Collins) volunteered to lead the discussion. The articles chosen for the program look at both... more

Mentoring Program Coordinator Council

On Thursday, November 3, Bobbie, Giz, Craig, and Molly attended the third campus-wide Mentoring Program Coordinator Council. Organized once each semester by Allison McWilliams, Director of the Mentoring Resource Center, the Council brings together the coordinators of various formal mentoring programs at Wake Forest. Programs include those involving peer-to-peer mentoring among undergraduates, professional mentoring matches... more

Mentor/Mentee Training

One of the goals of the Mentoring Committee is to offer training/educational programs for both mentors and mentees. One way that we have accomplished this goal is to organize journal reading groups that focus on some aspect of mentoring. The Committee has also been interested in hosting a training session for both mentors and mentees.... more

ZSR Mentoring Committee attends Council meeting

On May 10, Vicki Johnson, Molly Keener, Giz Womack, and I attended the Mentoring Program Coordinator Council meeting. The council meets about two times a semester and provides an opportunity for WFU personnel who lead mentoring programs on campus to exchange ideas. Allison McWilliams (Director, Career & Professional Development, Counseling, and Mentoring) kicked off the... more