Inside ZSR

Recommendation – Digital Repository

ZSR needs one. Our internal materials that are born digital are not being preserved in any systematic way. There also may, in the future, be a scholarly publication archive developed that would need preservation. more

Session 4 – Cyberinfrastructure for the Humanities

Moderated by Joyce Ray, Assoc. Deputy Director for Library Services, IMLS Steven Wheatley, VP, American Council of Learned Societies, spoke on the ACLS Report – Our Cultural Commonwealth, in which he said ‘most expressions of human creativity in the US will be born digital’. Brett Bobley, Director, Digital Humanities Initiative, National Endowment for the Humanities... more

Keynote Presentation – Deanna Marcum

Digitization for Access and Preservation Strategies at the Library of Congress Deanna Marcum, Associate Librarian for Library Services, Library of Congress Deanna Marcum addressed issues in digital preservation: Digital media lacks permanence Depends on computers for readability Multiple formats Marcum suggested these strategic methods: Develop better digital media storage Refresh digita data Migrate to newer,... more

Session 2 – Digital Preservation Readiness

Ann Russell, NEDCC – urged national digital preservation stategy, regional centers of digital preservation expertise, and a state-wide approach to providing solutions. Robin Dale, OCLC/RLG – spoke on auditing and certification of digital repositories. Her topic covered establishing Trusted Digital Repositories. Sue Medina, Director, Network of Alabama Academic Libraries – spoke on their state-wide solution... more

Session 1- The Challenge of Preservation Today

Panel moderated by Gunther Waibel, OCLC Kristen Laise, Heritage Preservation – Kristen discussed the Heritage Health Index Institutions must give priority to providing safe conditions for their collection Every institution must develop an emergency plan Members of each institutions’ staff must be assigned to care for their collections The findings of the Heritage Health Index... more

Conversation with Priscilla Kaplan- day 2

In discussion with Priscilla Kaplan, she told me that we were a step ahead of most other states because we have NCEcho. Using their standards puts ZSR in a good position to produce quality digital projects. In Florida, where Kaplan is, they’ve hired Kathy Wisser, from NCEcho, to come down and help them out as... more

Break/Project Demonstrations-day 1

During the break, we were able to see demos of projects. Due to the number of people, space and time – I only really saw one completely. This was dPlan – a project of the Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) which is well known for its preservation classes, tutorials and work in the field of... more

WebWise Day 1

Stewardship in the Digital Age Managing Museum and Library Collections for Preservation and Use Day 1 The first day of the conference proper began with welcome messages from Dr. Anne-Imelda Radice, Director of IMLS; Jay Jordan, President and CEO of OCLC; and Dr, Ken Hamma, Executive Director, Digital Policy, J. Paul Getty Trust. This was... more

WebWise Pre-Conference #2

Sharing Images and Data: Making Access to Collection Easier and Better Moderated by Ken Hamma, Executive Director, Digital Policy, J. Paul Getty Trust This session was focused on art museums and cultural collections, and their attempts at digital preservation. The presenters were: Barbara Thompson, Witt Librarian, Courtland Art Institute, London discussed her efforts in digital... more

Web Wise Part #2- Special Topics Panel

Valerie Glenn discussed Web Harvesting– the automated capture of web materials. As part of her project, Cyber Cemetery , she attempts to capture materials in danger of disappearing- basically defunct government web sites. Glenn uses a web harvesting tool called “Heritrix” . A site that defines the issues in web harvesting is Web-at-Risk wiki. Mary... more