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Thomas – Hither and Yon

I’ve done so much travel recently, I must be just about as developed as Charles Atlas, but only professionally developed, which looks a little different on the outside. I’ll summarize, as each of these meetings had one or two “price of admission” moments. I’ve also had oddly charmed weather karma, as noted below. LITA Forum,... more

Thomas Takes Left Turn at Albuquerque, Ends Up in DC

TPD at LITA Forum and CNI Last month (where does the time go?), I was in Albuquerque for the LITA National Forum. I can’t say strongly enough what a good, small conference this is for topics on applying technology to library projects (the 2015 Forum will be in Minneapolis, which will simplify travel – I... more

LITA Nationa Forum 2012, Concurrent Sessions

Members of the LITA Forum Planning Committee also serve as moderators for the concurrent sessions. I chose to moderate the sessions that had not been claimed by other members of the planning committee, rather than choosing based on topic. This has served me well as I’ve found myself in some great sessions I probably would... more

Susan at LITA National Forum

Columbus Skyline As most of you are probably aware, I am the chair of this year’s LITA National Forum Planning Committee. What that has meant for me is that I’ve been working with the planning committee (and I might add, it has been a strong, effective group of people!) for over a year to put... more

Thomas at LITA Forum

The 2012 LITA National Forum started yesterday with an engaging keynote by Eric Hellman, formerly of OCLC, Openly Informatics, and more citation linking projects than I can count. Eric’s new venture is Unglue.It (http://unglue.it), which presents an interesting new approach to funding e-book publication. The talk went through a number of factors related to the... more

LITA National Forum 2012: A Different Perspective

This is my third LITA National Forum. This past year I’ve served on the planning committee for the forum that is ably chaired by Susan Smith! Serving on the planning committee has provided me with a very different perspective. This year I’m focused on serving the attendees, posting information on the LITA blog, serving as... more

LITA National Forum 2011: Susan’s Final Report

The Arch LITA National Forum is a three day event that is packed with choices of interesting concurrent sessions plus 3 separate keynote addresses. There is always the problem of picking the best session to attend, but the nice thing about Forum is that it is a more intimate conference (around 300 attendees) and all... more

The 2011 LITA National Forum Wrapup – Giz Womack

Sunday at LITA began with a 7am meeting of the 2011 and 2012 LITA Planning Committees to discuss this year’s event and make suggestions for next year’s event. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the conference planning process and I now realize how much work lies ahead for our 2012 LITA Forum Planning... more

LITA National Forum 2011: St. Louis, Giz’s Experience Thus Far

LITA National Forum 2011: St. Louis, Giz’s Experience Thus Far On Friday, September 30th, Susan and I left out for the Greensboro airport at 4:30am. After a short layover in Atlanta, where we were able to catch up on email and grab breakfast, we were off to the 2011 LITA National Forum. Last year was... more

LITA National Forum 2011: St. Louis

LITA National Forum is held annually in the fall. This year it is being held in St. Louis, MO. The theme is Rivers of Data, Currents of Change. Giz and I flew in yesterday morning for the 3 day conference. I became involved in it several years ago when I joined the Forum planning committee.... more