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Susan’s ALA Annual Conference Report: Days 2-4

This ALA Annual conference was a different experience for me. I am now on two LITA committees, Top Technology Trends and the 2012 LITA National Forum Planning Committee (which I am chairing). This means that much more of my conference time was scheduled to perform the duties this entails. As a chair of a LITA... more

Giz at LITA National Forum 2010-Wrapup

My first LITA National Forum was an excellent experience and I would encourage anyone interested to try to attend. I enjoyed how the theme of cloud computing carried on through the entire conference. Unlike some larger conferences with multiple themes, this focus on a primary theme at a smaller conference really gave the participants some... more

High points from lita 2010

LITA has been very good this year. After an interesting keynote session on Friday I went to a presentation on click analytics by Tabatha Farney at U of Colorado, Colorado Springs. She discussed a few tools including Crazy Egg and some open source tools that allow you to gather heat map and other types of... more

Giz at LITA National Forum 2010

As Susan mentioned in her post, the new Library van made it possible for five of us to attend the 2010 LITA Forum. Additionally, I was able to take advantage of the funds from the Summer Technology Exploration Grant I received to cover 25% of my costs to attend. The topic of the Opening General... more

Susan at LITA National Forum 2010

This year’s LITA National Forum is being held in Atlanta. There are 5 of us here from ZSR Library, probably the largest representation we’ve ever had at a single Forum. One big impact of this fact is that we were able to take advantage of the new library van to transport all of us down... more

Susan’s Final Post from LITA National Forum, SLC

Since I reported in yesterday, I finished up my “hosting” jobs of introducing session speakers in concurrent sessions. I introduced Robin Hastings (Missouri River Regional Library) who spoke on “Collaborating in the Cloud.” She discussed how libraries can leverage their social networking presence using various free sites like Google Docs and Flickr. It was a... more

Lauren’s Last LITA (B)log

Erik, Susan, and I are sitting in the Salt Lake City airport, writing up our final blog posts after getting a meal at the food court. If you’re interested in the detailed notes from the last two sessions I attended, here they are: Next-Gen Catalogs are Only Part of the Solution Technical/Tangible/Social AND Picture the... more

Lita last day – themes

This morning I got rained out of a long run in SLC but did get to hear the incredible sound of thunder as it reverberated across the valley. As I finished up my run on a treadmill I saw a few lighning bolts hit the mountains to the west and was very happy to be... more

Lauren’s Second Day at LITA

Today was the longest day of the conference. If you’re interested in the detailed notes, here they are: David Weinberger’s keynote Lightning Talks The Future of Libraries is IT Academic Libraries’ Strategic Planning in the 21st Century: The Role of IT The day started with the main reason I wanted to attend this year’s LITA:... more


Lots of stuff for day 2 of lita. I would be remiss if I did not mention the spectacular views that I saw during an early morning run 🙂 After the run, we started the day with David Weinberger who likes to talk about *my* favorite topic. Both Lauren and Susan have talked about David’s... more