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Carol’s Virtual Charleston Conference

I registered for a virtual version of the Charleston Conference. I’ve steadily been watching the sessions since they were released last November, with a lot of binge-watching over winter break. A few trends: Transformative Agreements A year ago I could’ve rattled off all WFU’s Transformative (a.k.a. Read and Publish) Agreements from memory. Now they’re starting... more

Kathy S. at Charleston Conference 2023

After hearing about the Charleston Conference for many years, this year I finally had the opportunity to attend, and it did not disappoint! Thankfully I had veteran attendees from ZSR to orient me to the conference, as it is structured very differently than other conferences I’ve attended. I really enjoyed the one-day exhibit hall, as... more

Kate at NCLA and Charleston 2023

NCLA Biennial Conference, October 17-20 While I have attended the NCLA Biennial Conference many times, this year was my first as a ZSR employee. It was great to run into my ZSR colleagues in a different setting, connect with former colleagues and friends at other libraries, and learn about the great work that’s happening across... more

Roz at The Charleston Conference 2023

I have been going to The Charleston Conference for 7 or 8 years now and it remains one of my very favorite conferences. This year the in-person conference took place Nov. 7-10 (in Charleston, SC – thus the name) and the virtual one took place Nov. 27th – 30th. Many of the virtual conference sessions... more

Molly at NCLA & Charleston 2023

In the past month, I’ve been to two conferences, one close to home and one farther afield: NCLA in October, and the Charleston Conference last week. Here are highlights from each conference. NCLA, October 17-20 I kicked off my NCLA by co-facilitating a two part, day-long pre-conference, “Cultivating Copyright Knowledge: Developing Support Strategies for Library... more

Carol at ER&L and Charleston

Last week I attended the virtual version of the ER&L Conference. There was a mix of live and pre-recorded sessions (and eventually recordings of the live sessions). Since I dedicated all of Spring Break week to it, I’ve already seen everything interesting. By contrast I attended the much larger Charleston Conference in-person in November, which... more

Carol at Charleston 2021

Ah the joys and pains of a hybrid conference. Accentuating the positive, I got to hear a librarian live from Lesotho(!) describe digitization efforts for African materials. And in some rooms, every seat was an aisle seat. I’ll focus my report on two programs: “Looking for Trouble: Seeking out, Resolving, and Preventing E-resource Link Issues”... more

Morgan at Charleston 2021

This was my first year attending Charleston Conference, a conference I’ve heard a lot about and was eager to experience. Part of me wishes I had had the opportunity to attend this hybrid conference pre-pandemic when it was a fully in-person experience. I overheard numerous attendees longing for the “old days” but, without anything to... more

Roz @ Charleston Conference

The Charleston Conference is one of my very favorite conferences and this year did not disappoint. But as we did have 5 ZSR folks attending,  I’ll keep my comments to things I think I attended that others did not, so we don’t all repeat the same info about the same sessions. Vendor Interaction: I find... more

Chris at the 2017 Charleston Conference

Chris at the 2017 Charleston Conference After hearing about the Charleston Conference for many years in the circles of conferences and workshops, I finally attended my first one this year thanks to a scholarship from Harrassowitz.  Marketed as the event for “issues in book and serial acquisition,” the Charleston Conference was an event that covered... more