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Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement Update

On Monday, June 14, Kaeley and Molly watched an EDUCAUSE webinar on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), “Checkpointing the ACTA Debate – Where Are We, and Where Do We Go from Here?” In the webinar, Jonathan Band, an intellectual property (IP) lawyer, and Michael Petricone, senior vice president for government affairs for the Consumer Electronics... more

Educause Southeast 2010

Susan did a great job of summarizing our Educuase experience. Her use of embedded media, contextual links and insightful observation has made my own post little more than an afterthought! Like Susan I was struck at the diverse content of the presentations. I went to a session on virtual computing labs at Georgia Tech. It... more

EDUCAUSE Southeast: A Quick Trip to Atlanta

Atlanta Skyline from the 55th floor of the Westin Hotel Those of us who aspire to be active professionals are regularly looking for conferences where we can submit proposals to present on the interesting projects we are involved with at ZSR Library and Wake Forest University. This was the case with the EDUCAUSE 2010 Southeast... more

Educause Webinar – “What Happened to the Computer Lab?”

Last week among all of the closings and delayed openings I was able to attend a webinar entitled “What Happened to the Computer Lab?” Our presenter was Beth Schaefer, Associate Director in Client Services and University Information Technology Services, at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her discussion centered on changes the university computer labs have taken... more

Educause 2009 – Day Two

I could go in chronological order in this post, but that would require me to “bury the lead” and talk about Lawrence Lessig’s presentation in the middle of the post! Lessig is a rock star in my world and it seems only right that when writing about a copyright guru I “steal” his bio from... more

Educause 2009 – Day One

After spending the better part of a day traveling and with only 14% power left on my iPhone (I never like to get below 20%) and with only six minutes before the close of registration on Tuesday night, I checked in at the Educause 2009 registration station and collected my conference materials! For those of... more

Educause SE Wed. AM

This morning started with a session on student computer use in the classroom. They looked at tablets and laptop use by students at the Univ. or Vermont School of Business where they REQUIRE TABLETS of all their students – undergrad and grad. Their faculty struggle with needing the students to have computers in the class... more

Tuesday at Educause #2

Finally able to write about the other sessions I attended today. One about the use of iPods in English Composition classes was particularly interesting. The professor (from Miami Dade Univ.) based his comp class around James Bond (great idea — no Cliff Notes for the books, great fodder for composition in comparing the books to... more

Tuesday AM at Educause

My first session this morning is about a faculty development program at Florida comunity College at Jacksonville. They put together teams of 4 faculty and gave them extensive pedagogy, tech training and interactive learning training. The faculty use these skills to create courses that can be taught face-to-face, blended or fully online. The faculty get... more

Educause Post 2

The keynote speaker this afternoon on the technology at the Georgia Aquarium was fascinating. Can’t wait to go there to see it all first hand. I was hoping to get there this trip, but it will have to wait until November when I’m brining Erin down to meet up with a college friend and her... more