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My first session this morning is about a faculty development program at Florida comunity College at Jacksonville. They put together teams of 4 faculty and gave them extensive pedagogy, tech training and interactive learning training. The faculty use these skills to create courses that can be taught face-to-face, blended or fully online. The faculty get 15 hours of pedagogy, 12 hours of Blackboard and 6 hours of multimedia training. In addition they get mentoring, beta testing for their courses and other support for developing the class. They also get financial compensation and rewards for participating in the program which has been a key to its success. This is a remarkable program and makes me wish we had a centralized faculty development office at WFU to develop these sorts of programs. Perhaps that will come out of the strategic plan.

Someone just stopped me in the hall and told me my postings from yesterday got big play in the Program Committee breakfast this morning. They gave us out the tag to use if blogging the conference and I did and they found it. Good thing I didn’t say mean things! It really is a well-run conference.