By Rosalind Tedford

Inside ZSR

Roz at The Charleston Conference 2023

I have been going to The Charleston Conference for 7 or 8 years now and it remains one of my very favorite conferences. This year the in-person conference took place Nov. 7-10 (in Charleston, SC – thus the name) and the virtual one took place Nov. 27th – 30th. Many of the virtual conference sessions... more

Roz at Social Science FOO Camp 2023

Back in the fall I got a mysterious invitation in my inbox to a conference called “Social Science FOO Camp” taking place at Meta in Menlo Park, CA. I was a bit mystified but intrigued and when I looked into it a bit more, it turns out it was co-hosted by SAGE Publishing and that... more

Charleston Conference: Roz’s Notes

The Charleston Conference is one of my favorites, and this year it was back to more of it’s normal self after a hybrid year in 2021 that left much to be desired. Others from ZSR attended, so I’ll keep my notes to a few key themes I heard bubble up. Charleston is the best conference... more

ZSR Pivots to Online: Spring 2020 in Review

WHEW! What a semester! Along with the rest of the WFU community, ZSR librarians and staff had to make a pretty fast pivot to remote services, teaching, and learning in March of 2020. Not only were we moving our own courses (6 sections of LIB100, 1 section of LIB200, 2 FYS courses and 1 English... more

Roz @ Charleston Conference

The Charleston Conference is one of my very favorite conferences and this year did not disappoint. But as we did have 5 ZSR folks attending,  I’ll keep my comments to things I think I attended that others did not, so we don’t all repeat the same info about the same sessions. Vendor Interaction: I find... more

Roz at ACRL

ACRL is hands-down my favorite conference. The ideas that come out of this event, both through sessions and through discussions with other librarians and vendors, are so exciting and energizing, that even with a strained back that kept me away from some sessions, it was still an awesome few days. I will let others who... more

Roz at Charleston Conference

This was my first Charleston Conference and I was there because I was on panel but I have to admit that I loved it. The format of the conference is different than most and I found the sessions I attended to be deep dives into really complex and interesting topics. I was surprised at the... more

Roz @ ALA 2016

The majority of my time at this ALA was spent carrying out my duties as the Chair of the Law and Political Science section of ACRL. I attended ACRL Leadership Council, LPSS Executive Council, our program, our awards breakfast and our general membership meeting. The big news from our section is that after the ACRL... more

Roz @ ALA Midwinter 2016

The very first ALA Midwinter conference I ever attended was in Boston in 2005 when I was just looking for opportunities to become more involved in the association more deeply. Fast forward 11 years and I am now chair of an ACRL section and a nominee for ALA Council. What a difference a decade makes.... more

Roz at SAGE/CQ Press Advisory Board

As some of you may know, I serve on the Reference Library Advisory Board for SAGE/CQ Press. This board meets virtually two or three times a year and for dinner at ALA Midwinter and Annual to provide feedback to SAGE and CQ Press about ideas in development for new products, interface upgrades and even to... more