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Inside ZSR

Joy & Colleen at LOEX 2024 in Naperville, IL

This year’s LOEX Conference was held in Naperville, Illinois – about 30 miles west of Chicago. The LOEX committee weaved Naperville’s connection to trees into its theme: Branching Out: Growing and Adapting your Information Literacy Practice We have to acknowledge that our meals both within and outside the conference were excellent! Most notable was the... more

Summer @ LILLY Conference

Recently I attended my first LILLY Conference. This conference, hosted by the International Teaching Learning Cooperative, is focused on evidence-based teaching and is one of multiple that they host in various locations around the USA every year. This particular iteration of the conference took place in Asheville, NC from Aug 7th-9th, 2023. At the LILLY... more

TILC 2023: What informs your pedagogy?

Held at William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA (check out Hu’s post on their gorgeous library space!) The Innovative Library Classroom (TILC) is a “day-long conference dedicated to the exploration of innovative practices related to teaching and learning in libraries” (source). There was a whole crew representing ZSR – Hu, Meghan, Kaeley, Morgan, and Kathy.... more

Joy and Elizabeth at LOEX

As instruction librarians, attending LOEX is a bit like going to Disney World which is “the happiest place on Earth!” After two years meeting entirely through Zoom (2022-21), and last year meeting in Ypsilanti, Michigan (the home of LOEX), it was so good to be able to explore a new city. If you want to... more

Colleen at CLAPS 2022

The 2022 Critical Librarianship and Pedagogical Symposium (CLAPS) took place November 2 – 4. Facilitated by the University of Arizona Libraries, this biennial conference offers participants the opportunity to understand critical pedagogy concepts and determine ways to incorporate those into instructional design practice. Conference founders were awarded the ACRL Instruction Section Special Certificates of Recognition... more

LOEX 2022

This year, the LOEX annual conference was held in Ypsilanti, MI on May 5-7. LOEX is a non-profit educational clearinghouse for library instruction and information literacy information (LOEX used to stand for Library Orientation Exchange back when library orientation sessions were considered the main instructional format, now it is just LOEX). This year’s conference theme... more

Kyle, Kathy, Meghan & Hu @ TILC (The Innovative Library Classroom)

On May 9th, Kyle, Kathy, Meghan and Hu attended the 5th annual TILC (The Innovative Library Classroom) Conference at Radford University and facilitated a session on Specifications Grading titled “Not Missing the Point(s): Meaningful New Approaches to Assessment.” Kyle at TILC Y’all, TILC is my favorite conference. It’s super small, super close, and just super... more

Meghan @ LOEX 2016: Learning from the Past, Building for the Future

This was my first LOEX experience, but I am certain it won’t be my last. Overall, I was very impressed with the amount of practical implementations that I took away from each session and the level of creativity, innovation and collegial support at this conference! There was strong representation from first time attendees at LOEX... more

NC-LITe Round-Up

On Thursday, June 9th, we (Sarah Jeong, Kathy Shields, Meghan Webb) attended the Summer 2016 NC-LITe meeting at Duke University in the newly designed commons for Research, Technology and Collaboration– called The Edge. What Follows is a brief overview of this meeting and our take-aways! In step with previous NC-LITe meetings, after some initial mingling... more

NCLA Library Instruction 2.0

On Monday and Tuesday I participated in the NCLA Library Instruction 2.0 Conference with Roz, Susan, and Giz. Roz, Susan, and I gave a panel presentation on Monday on the 2.0 techniques we teach with at ZSR. We must be onto something at ZSR, because after the presentation I heard from several other librarians that... more